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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Trip to The Parthenon…no not that one!



Yesterday we went to Centennial Park in Nashville where we toured the Parthenon. In 1897, Nashville undertook the construction of a full-scale replica of the Parthenon for the Tennessee Centennial and International Exposition. The building was so popular the city decided to leave the temporary building standing. In 1920, it was decided to reconstruct the crumbling building with permanent materials, and to create a complete replica of the original Greek temple, both inside and out…it re-opened to the public in 1931.

Athena, the goddess of wisdom, stands in the same place where the original once did in the ancient temple.


She stands 41’ 10” tall. In Athena’s right hand is Nike, the goddess of victory, preparing to crown Athena.   Nike stands 6’4” himself.


The Athenians believe Athena protected them from annihilation and granted them their victory over the Persian Empire in 480 BC. The shield which is 15’ in diameter portrays the head of Medusa in the middle.



The sculptures on the east Piedmont of the Parthenon depict the mythological birth of Athena.


The sculptures on the West Piedmont depict the mythological contest between Athena and her uncle Poseidon to determine who would become the patron of Attica and its capital city.


After the visit to the Parthenon, we ate a late lunch at Which Wich. It’s a unique sub shop. The sandwiches are numbered by the type sandwich, and you pick up a bag that matches that number.



Then you write down on that bag how you want your sandwich done and all the toppings and condiments. You turn in that bag, pay for your meal and they bring the sandwich to you in that itemized bag. It was a neat experience and the sandwich was very good.

We are really enjoying our time in Tennessee.


  1. Good tour, it took s three visits before we got to the Parthenon.

  2. We visited there about 3 years ago.... Loved it!!! Glad you enjoyed your day...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. nice tour of Parthenon!!..thanks for letting us come along!!..have a great weekend!

  4. The Nashville Parthenon, what an interesting place to visit! I've never been to Nashville.

  5. Believe it or not, we won a trip to Nashville in 1994..the same year all of our kids got engaged..We won a week'stay at the downtown Holiday Inn Crown Plaza, and entries for the annual Fanfair (country music shows every nite), PLUS tickets to Grande Ol' Opry , the water taxi and Opryland (which is no longer there). I love Nashville...Lots of great history..We never made it to the Parthenon..We were too busy singing yee haw and ya hooey..LOL
    Thanks for the tour.!!

  6. Try saying the shops name 5 times in a row - lol... Now that is so cool of a location to visit. Would love to see this in person for sure. But for now we are glad you where able to share with us...


  7. I'll wave to you as I drive through Nashville tomorrow morning! I'm just not up to a lot of touring right now. All this driving really wears me out, but I need to hot foot it to Indiana (if 200 miles/day is hotfooting it ;))

  8. The Parthenon is something I never knew about Nashville! Thanks for the great tour and pics. What's with Tennessee and Egypt anyway (i.e. Memphis)?

  9. I think if I'm ever in Nashville I will head for the Sub shop first. That sounds like kind of a unique way of doing things & I bet the Subs are great.

  10. Hey, Mike and Gerri, all those pictures of Radnor Lake and the Parthenon are making me a little homesick. My mother hikes at Radnor Lake a lot; it's possible you may have passed her on the trail. Continue to have a good visit of our hometown.

  11. Thanks for the beautiful tour. That sandwich shop sounds like fun, and as an added bonus, the food is really good!! Stay safe..

  12. I always enjoyed Nashville, its a country western music paradise and I'm that kind of a guy,,, That sandwich shop sounds neat!! Great idea!

  13. Did they get some bad weather there? or was it only in the Memphis area. At any rate, it looks like you had a great time and some great weather. I like the lunch bag approach to ordering.

    We think of you guys. Been a while since we saw you at the MCD factory. Since them we got a mix of MCD and Tiffin shades that pull down and they are great!

  14. Thanks for the tour and history lesson. The sandwich shop is our kind of place. Will put them both on our bucket list if we ever get to Nashville.

    Have a good day!

  15. We've been living in our 5th wheel since March and love seeing new sights too. Hopefully, we'll get to Nashville sometime. I'd love to see it!


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