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Friday, July 25, 2014

We have a Winner!!!


WHERE:  We decided to return to Chewacla State Park in Auburn, Alabama.  This is a nice quiet campground and just so happens to be only about a mile from our son and his wife.  We wanted to have a short visit with them before heading to Tennessee next week.  The other reason, not that I'm being a pessimist, is that this campground is only about 45 minutes from our home.  Just in case things headed south and the dogs decided to protest.  I am still chuckling over Merikay's comment on our last post...tell them it's the floor or the door.  Oh, if only it were that simple!!



We arrived on Wednesday and got all set up on our site...#8.  Plenty of shade which is nice when it is "southern hot and humid" outside.  We have our patio set up with the comfortable recliners and the fan pointed right at us.  Actually, it is quite comfortable.  


We spend most of our time outside..either hiking/walking with the camera in tow or enjoying our recliners for a nap or good book. .  Daytime went very well.  Even when we went inside to see how things would go they were happy, for the most part, with napping in their baskets or hanging around on the floor.  While walking around, we came across bike trails and even bike ramps for the more skilled bikers. From talking with the ranger, there are a lot of folks that come here on the weekends to go biking on the trails…a good reason for weekday camping!



Bedtime proved to be a bit challenging!!  Let's just say we went to bed late last night!!  We have come up with a few ideas that might make this a "happy" arrangement for everybody so we decided to extend and stay one more day.  


HOW DID IT GO:   Our 17 and half year old Shih Tzu did great.  We put her on the bed with us some while we read/do computer work and when it was bed time, we put her in her basket and she went right to sleep.  Nick, on the other hand, reacted a bit different.  When we put him in his basket, he looked at us and whined. Well, with a stern voice, I picked him up since he wandered out of his basket, put him back and told him no!  Lucky for worked and we all slept good the entire night.  I must say, we have slept in the same bed for our 31 and half years of marriage, and this was a very different feeling….??




  1. Sounds to be that a few of you there have some sleeping arrangements to get used to!

  2. glad you are spending time away with your little home on wheels!! enjoy the great outdoors!

  3. It seems like the dogs always win out in our house!

    Sure is a nice camping spot.

  4. What an awesome looking campground. We love to stay outdoors also. Looks like you had wonderful weather too.

    Sometimes the kids just have to learn to adapt. I am sure they will do better as you pick up your travels.

  5. So glad the doggies adjusted to sleeping in their baskets so quickly!

    And your butterfly photos were gorgeous! :)


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