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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Mike's Birthday/Labor Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!!  This Labor Day found us pretty busy.  First, on Saturday Mike and I celebrated his birthday by going out to eat together.  Our big celebration was going to be on Sunday with cake over at Stephen's apartment.  Saturday happened to be opening game for Auburn!!  Stephen works with Chartwell, the food service company on campus.  Needless to say he is always busy on game days!!
Beginning on Wednesday RVs begin to flow into Auburn and by Friday it is a huge tailgating, boondocking campground everywhere!!  It is amazing!!!   The RVs range from huge triple axle motorhomes to large fifth wheels to travel trailers.  You see everything and all seem to have one thing in common......have fun, share football stories and cheer the Auburn Tigers to a victory!!  War Eagle!!!                  
Motor Homes boon docking
Boondocking on open field on campus

Sunday, after attending church services, we all had a good lunch at Shakeys.  Walked through a few shops at Tiger Town and met up around 5:00 for that delicious decadent cake.  This years choice from Publix was the Raspberry Elegance!!  Yum!!  Way too much
sugar for me but that didn't stop me!!
Happy Birthday, Mike!!!!                      
Monday, Labor Day, Stephen came over to the campground for a cookout!!  We grilled burgers on Mike's new Blackstone Griddle.  We had salad, mixed fruit and chips!!  Oh, I almost forgot....dessert was left over birthday cake!!  It's just as good the second day!!
Mike had just finished seasoning the griddle
So Mike got to celebrate his birthday for 3 days!!

Tomorrow we will be cleaning our campsite in preparation to break camp whenever we see what Irma is up to.
Our plans, thank goodness, were written in jello!!  We were so looking forward to heading to Rainbow Plantation and all the fun areas around there such as.....Gulf Shores, Fairhope, Mobile Bay and more.  However, hurricane Irma is not behaving!  Not knowing the direction this storm might take we have decided to wait a bit to see what happens.   Our plans can change easily but our hearts and prayers are going out to the people that live in the path of this hurricane!!

Happy Labor Day everyone!!   Happy Birthday, Mike!!

Prayers for those impacted by hurricane Harvey and those that will be impacted by Irma!
Prayers also for those impacted by the fires in Montana!   Stay safe everyone!!


  1. The weather up here in Maine is still pretty nice! Just sayin.

    1. I can imagine that the weather is awesome up there, temps being like fall I bet.

  2. What a fin way to celebrate a birthday, over 3 days !

    1. It was a fun birthday weekend. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Wow---Mike is like me... The older I get, the more days I celebrate eat year!!!!!! ha (Why not? We deserve it... Right?)

    All of that college football hoopla goes on up here also.. Everyone (including me) loves our Tennessee Vols. They used to be such a good team--but haven't done much the past several years...

    Mike's birthday cake sounded delicious.... YUM...

    Sorry about your trip but the advantage of being retired is that we can easily change our schedules if needed... STAY SAFE.


    1. Thanks for your comments Betsy, it was a fun birthday weekend along with it being Labor Day. Hope you and George are enjoying your trip!

  4. Happy birthday to you Mike. I wouldn't mind that cake. Sounds scrumptious. Safe travels.

    1. Yes, that cake was delicious, we tend to splurge on the sugar on birthday cakes. Thanks for your comments.

  5. We used to tail gate before the Virginia Tech games. What fun!
    3 days of celebrating. You probably all need a good
    A very happy birthday to you Mike.
    Y'all be very careful with Irma. I don't like what I see on TV right now. Prayers for everyone's safety!

    1. Thanks for your comments and birthday wish, yes Irma is a beast and a storm to be reckoned with.

    2. A very Happy Birthday to you Mike...Appears a good time was had by all....Take care with Irma coming travels and keep smiling and enjoying like. Horst sends

    3. Thanks for the birthday wish Horst...hope all is well with you and family. Irma is a beast coming in, hope best for Floridians.


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