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Friday, June 8, 2018

It seems it has been raining ever since we got back from the Oliver rally in May!!  How do you say...water logged!!  

 We returned to our "home base" to get a few things in order before our son moves to Baton Rouge.  We got a little lazy and rented a storage unit here in Auburn to store a few RV related items and our Christmas stuff.  Our main storage unit is in Lagrange and it houses our furniture and most of our boxes.  Having one here meant we could leave things we weren't using whenever we were in the area or pick things up when needed.  So we knew we had to close out this unit since this will no longer be our "home base."  It is amazing how much stuff a person can collect without even thinking about it.     

About two weeks ago I was eating something and ooops!!!!  I broke part of one of my back molars.  As luck would have it my dentist in LaGrange was going to be gone for a week.  I was able to see him briefly, get an x-ray and he filed part of the rough edge down so my tongue wouldn't be getting nicked each time it hit it.  Last Tuesday I was able to get in to see him.  He drilled out all the old filling and put on a nice temporary crown.  My permanent crown won't be in for about three weeks.  Since we won't be here I will have to wait until the end of July when I return to LaGrange for my doctor(s) visit to get it put on. comes in early!!         

As you can excitement here!!  Things might begin to get more interesting in a week or so.  We plan to go to Baton Rouge and help our son, Stephen, get settled into his new apartment which probably means we'll be taking care of his two doggies!! 

If all goes well we will scoot over to Livingston, Texas and become Texans!!  With Stephen no longer living in Alabama we have had to get a mail forwarding service through Escapees in Texas. We've had our mail sent to Stephen's apartment lately. We knew we needed to decide which state we would domicile in and after reading and researching we decided to make Texas our domicile.  This is what we did when we full-timed before and it worked for us then so we feel like it should work for us again.  
We should be pretty busy for awhile and hopefully get in some fun exploring as well.  

Thanks for stopping by and visiting...even though things are kinda boring right now.          

"Be true to yourself.  Make each day a masterpiece.  Help others.  Drink deeply from good books.  Make friendship a fine art.  Build a shelter against a rainy day."       John Wooden


  1. It does look like you have had enough rain for now. Stay safe and enjoy the weekend.

  2. Moving is challenging, even in an RV. It sounds like you've got everything under control. I asked our Father to let that new permanent crown come in before you leave or, failing that, to allow the temporary crown to hold up until the end of July. Love that last photo.

  3. Great quote from John Wooden! and the photo looks so peaceful...Boring is good at times! Congrats on becoming Texans! Enjoy your serenity...Horst sends

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