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Monday, July 8, 2019

A Hike A Cookout and Happy Independence Day and Canada Day

We are now officially halfway through our 6 weeks!!  Mike has 3 more weeks in which to wear the neck brace!  As with most things like this you get tired of the confinement both with neck movement and overall confinement in activities.   After 3 weeks of holding your head in one position your neck muscles just want to go in a different direction.  When we saw the doctor last week he was pleased with Mike's progress and said all things looked good.  So 3 more weeks!!
We took an easy walk/hike this week on one of the trails in Chewacla State Park. 
Trail in Chewacla
Interesting mushrooms on this tree

More of the trail in Chewacla
 It was an easy trail...don't need to maneuver around roots, slopes and rocks on harder trails.  We enjoyed just being in nature and the trees that surrounded us.  We did meet a family along the way that were also out for a morning stroll.  I'm hoping we were a little better looking than they were.  Ugly aren't they?
Bless their hearts, they just look so ugly...
Our son has been coming by to visit and lend a hand as needed!!  So glad he's nearby and such a good help.  He's helped us a few times with Oliver maintenance such as cleaning out the gutter by the awning that gets lots of tree "stuff" in it and then when the air conditioner is on the water rolls down the sides bringing with it that lovely stain.  He also has to clean the roof...I'm too short even on the ladder!!

We had a cookout on July 3rd anticipating a rainy 4th!!!  I had bought some shrimp from  Gulf Shores when we were there this past winter and I wanted to cook them before freezer burn might get them. 
Some of the Gulf Coast shrimp for the kabobs
 Also, it clears up some  space in an already small freezer.  So Mike deveined them and made up a marinade for them and Stephen brought broccoli and rice.  I had some yellow and red pepper and white and purple onion so we made a nice skewer with the vegetables and shrimp 
Let the preparations begin

Lightly grilled peppers and onions for the kabobs

Stephen is putting the kabobs together
and steamed the broccoli and he had already cooked the rice at his house.   I also got two bags of fresh blueberries from a friend so I made some fresh blueberry cobbler.  We had a really nice dinner and Stephen cooked it all on our Blackstone Grill!!!  YUM!!      

Tasty Shrimp Kabobs
Today is July 4th and as expected we have had a rainy day.  That is good and bad!!  We needed the rain but it kinda puts a damper on all the cookouts people might have planned.  The campground is not full which is pretty surprising but I'm not complaining!!  I guess I'm getting older and sometimes the weekend or holiday crowds kinda grind on my nerves.  Plus I'm the one walking Asher, the 85 pound English Cream Golden puppy that wants to meet and greet every person he sees.  He's still learning how to walk correctly, which means not pulling me over on the leash or running up to hug every person he sees.  We have done pretty good but have a long way to go.  I've learned to put him in a sit whenever we see someone and I'm using treats when he listens.  He's getting better!!        
Asher waiting for a reward treat
Asher is leashed in two separate places
Asher is a happy camper
I bought him a new harness that is suppose to help with the pulling when walking.  I was skeptical when I first heard about it from my blog friend, Micky Werk but he has been wearing it now for about 4 days and I see a world of difference in his walking.  This harness clips underneath and it also has a clip on top of his neck.  I bought a leash that has two leads and I clip him underneath and on top.  The leash is called a "training leash" and it is rather short.  Our goal is to get him to walk on a loose leash!!  I think we'll make it but it will take some time and training.  Growing out of the puppy stage will also help.  Thanks, Micky for the recommendation!!  

We could not leave our little Nick out of the pics
So we are taking things one day at a time!!  Not as many left and we'll be able to see what physical therapy has in store in 3 weeks.  The doctor talked like most of the PT will be teaching Mike what exercises he needs to do and then doing those at home.  If that is the case, we might be able to get the wheels rolling!!  Hitch itch is a serious ailment!!
A nice sunset at Chewacla State Park
I hope all of our American readers had a Happy Independence Day!!  I hope you enjoyed it doing whatever makes you happy as we celebrate our freedoms.  To our Canadian readers I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day!!  
Thanks for stopping by and visiting with us!!


  1. Good to hear that Mike is recovering well. I can understand the desire for it to be speeded up. Hopefully you can soon start your travels again.

  2. Looks like had a good day and the Kabobs look wonderful. and we enjoyed our Canada Day here very much thanks.

  3. So glad to hear that Mike is recovering so well. You guys will be back on the road before you know it! Those kebabs look delicious—we just used up the last of our Gulf shrimp. :-( Asher and Nick are adorable!


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