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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Camphost

DSC03332 We took Tuesday off…well we have most days off. Suffice it to say we are not overworked in any way. Being campground host your main focus is on the times campers are in the campground. That means we “work” weekends. We have found campers begin to trickle into the campground Thursday afternoon so we feel it important to be at our site Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday. We attend church on Sunday which is during the time most campers are leaving. Sunday afternoon we drive around and pick up cards left in the site post. We usually don’t do much else on Sunday. We have a few campers that stay past the weekend, but for the most part the campground is not very crowded during the weekdays. Monday we work the morning checking sites, blowing off patios and emptying fire rings. The rest of the time we do things mostly on a voluntary basis. Mike has been spending time weed eating around our campground area. It certainly has been neglected but is now looking really nice. Another thing that is our responsibility is checking the two bathhouses in our area. We don’t have to do any cleaning just check to see if they need any paper products. We have a key so we can refill those as needed. The park rangers (maintenance) are responsible for the cleaning. The park rangers are very easy to work with here at FDR but we have found that they are pulled in many directions so we are pretty much left on our own.

Ok, back to Tuesday. We spent most of the day at Staples trying to get my laptop issues resolved. Staples sent my laptop off to HP because it was overheating and shutting off. In talking with the techs at Staples we discovered that the power plug in the computer had pulled away from the mother board. So off to the HP hospital it went. It arrived back Monday evening and when we went to pick it up Tuesday we discovered that HP had spent all of one hour cleaning the computer….yes, I said cleaning the computer and then replaced the black power adapter. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the power adapter??? The Staples tech plugged up my computer and in less than 5 minutes knew that the power plug in the computer was still loose and would not charge the battery. In other words… isn’t fixed. Now the laptop will be sent back AGAIN. In the meantime Mike and I are sharing laptops. Wow! Share the computer…..all those years in the classroom when I would explain to my kids that they had to get along and share things is now coming home to haunt me. So now we wait at least 10 more days maybe longer.

Today, Wednesday, we spent the morning continuing our attack on the weeds and clearing a few hiking trails. I carried my camera just in case we saw something of interest. DSC03336 We found a few birds just chilling out by the lake. What a life!! I have included a few shots of the hiking trail we worked on today. DSC03339 This trail is part of the Mountain Creek Nature Trail which is 3.2 miles and circles around the campground and cottages. DSC03342 This is a beautiful area….so quiet and peaceful. On our way back to the motorhome we saw a Bluebird flying around the site in front of us. DSC03345 DSC03343 DSC03344 What a crisp blue! We have been noticing these Bluebirds since we have been here and feel like they might have a nest somewhere nearby.

We went to San Marcos to enjoy a good Mexican lunch and came home to sit on the patio and take a nap and read a good book. With our tall pedestal fan on low there is a nice breeze here in the shade…..a good one for napping!! We hope you are having a great week. Thank you for stopping by and sharing in our adventures.


  1. Oooh!!! I feel your pain. Sharing a computer is for the birds (obviously not literally). 10 more days, huh? When it's not your turn, are you constantly looking at the other person like a vulture looks at roadkill? Do your fingers twitch? hehe!


  2. I caught myself getting excited..then I remembered you are in Georgia..right? Reason for the said San Marcos..there is a city of San Marcos 25 minutes from our home..I just thought maybe you were close memory kicked back in!! It's been a long

    Cindy and Walker

  3. I'm trying to remember to take my camera with me! The Mountain Creek Nature Trail sounds nice. That's just about the length of a 5K--I'm trying to work up to easily being able to walk the distance of a 5K.

    Great pictures! Don't work too hard now. ;)

  4. That nature trail looks great. It is just about right in length for me (novice hiker). Your bird pics are great, as usual. Enjoy!

  5. now nice in the sandbox..or rather the campsite..sharing is a good thing..NOT!!..I agree with Nellie!!!

  6. That is one of my big pet peeves is the lack of pride in todays work place, Oh well we didn't fix it the first time. I always had to much pride and remember my Dad & GrandFather saying do it right the first time, remember your name might be on it. Hopefully the second time will be the charm, I guess in this throwaway world, they expect you to cough up the cash for another new one when it breaks. Have fun, sounds like you are enjoying your hosting duties, It lloks like something Donna & I could enjoy. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  7. Love the Bluebird pictures. I always wondered what kind of nest they use when they don't have a nest box. Now I see! You'll have to watch for the babies to fledge, if they haven't already.

    Wish we could come up there and camphost for a few weeks. It looks like such a nice park, and close to home!

  8. Those are some wonderful pictures today. Thanks for taking the time to post them for us. The day to day stuff is fun to read about too, with campground hosting. Glad you have such a lovely place to host at!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. Thanks for the tour of FDR Park. The Mallards were a good photo take. We have the Lake O' The Pines Park in our area and it's a nice park. Sandy and I have talked about a possible host job but with her being the main care person for her Mom we can't tie ourselfs down right now. 1st Monday Canton is a strtech.

  10. Bless your hearts for making the campground a little nicer! We campers do really appreciate it!

    Beautiful Blue Bird pics! Just love that blue it is so bright! Baby blue birds are so fun to watch! We had baby Mtn. Blue Birds in the Black Hills last August and they were trying to catch the grasshoppers! They didn't know they were the afternoon entertainment committee! LOL

    I hope it's nice and shady there with the heat of the south coming on!
    aka Birdingrvers

  11. Thank you so much for adding your TLC to our park here in Georgia. We live in Griffin and love FDR. So often campground host take full advantage of a free site with hook-ups. Thank you for not doing that. We truly do appreciate your labor of love!!! We have sold our camper and are waiting on our new one. Hope to come to visit before you leave so we can meet you.

    Ricky and Tresa Martin

  12. Ricky and Tresa,
    Thanks for the kind words. We would love to meet you guys before we leave here. Hope you can make it!
    Mike & Gerri


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