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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Wren Family

Yesterday Mike and I went to a nursery in Pine Mountain to purchase a hanging basket for our patio. We wanted something to add a little color to our otherwise natural surroundings. We found a nice Angel Begonia that was already pretty large. Happy with our purchase we brought it back to the motorhome and hung it on one of those metal hanging poles you often see in campgrounds. DSC_2892 We then sat back to enjoy.

That was yesterday… our hanging basket has been adopted by a Wren family. A very cute but persistent little family of three, yes three. They started bringing their little twigs and such to the basket so we knew what they were up to. DSC_2895 Mike would go and remove the twigs and before he could sit down they would begin again.DSC_2896 He went through this drill several times before it dawned on us we were outnumbered and outwitted. DSC_2905 So we are the landlords to a lovely family of Wrens and one day soon we will have a family of little Wrens to watch. It’s all good though…..when you are living in natural surroundings you have to deal with nature.

The campground is about 70% full and all seem happy and quiet. We have stuck pretty close to the motorhome and sold a few bundles of firewood. Our weekend duties consist of assisting the campers when necessary, selling firewood and making a few trips through the campsites on the “mule” to make sure all is ok. Pretty easy stuff. This has been a really good group of campers… problems at all.

Hope you are having a nice, peaceful weekend and you are doing what makes you smile!! Thanks for stopping by and visiting with us.


  1. how nice of you to purchase a home for your 'bird friends'!!..enjoy the weekend!!

  2. Beautiful pictures of the wrens! We are enjoying a robins nest just outside the back door. Your summer 'home' sounds idyllic.

  3. They didn't tell you about your wren hosting duties when you signed up? Have fun you guys - and stay cool!

  4. Looks like you're really settling in. So glad the gig is going well so far. I know it's a beautiful spot, how rough can it be?? :) Guess I should ask that question after a full house, huh? :)

    Love ya!

  5. We have a wren fammily renting an apartment on the wood rack post behind our kitchen window, I think the family just expanded and so as soon as I see any signs of the little one I will try for pictures,you are right about being tenacious, they will also run off any other bird some twice there size. Sounds like you guys are enjoying your stay.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  6. Aside from being outwitted by the wren, you have to realize he was a simple "birdbrain", but a determined one at that!

    Enjoy your new family.

  7. That's a great shot of the wren with the leafy twig in his mouth! I do have a newbie question for you. What do you do with your plant(s) when you move to another spot? Doesn't the dirt go everywhere when the motorhome is zipping down the highway? I need to learn these things before we head out!

    Oh, and I love that you guys are following my blog :) It's exciting when I see I have a comment....kind of like getting a letter in the mail!


  8. Nice of you guys to play landlord to the little feathered fellows. I bet you will be able to get a lot of great photos of all the action when things get hatching! Plus, you can still enjoy the basket of flowers. All of you gain something!

  9. Wrens have one of the happiest voices. Neat little birds. I have tried to e-mail you guys directly, but can't do so. Ah! technology.

    Anyway, we are having our roof painted and the sidewall repairs.


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