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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It Arrived Today…



It arrived today!!!  It what….. you might ask??  It is the special “Canadian Prize Pack!!”  Today, when Mike went to the mailbox, he saw the brown package mailed to us from Doug and Sue of Big Dawg and Freeway.  I might add that this is a first for us.  This is the first time we have ever received a package from Canadian friends. 

If you remember, the other day Sue wrote on her blog celebrating the 3,000th commenter and that happened to be us.  We honestly just got lucky because Sue gets lots of comments on her blog every day.  She has a great blog and if you haven’t visited you should.  Sue is a great writer and has a way with the camera as well.  They are working toward full-timing, but in the meantime, they have purchased a wonderful “Little Dawg” camper to enjoy the great outdoors!!



Back to the package!!  We quickly took a picture (for the blog of course) and rapidly opened our prize.  What did we find???  Sue had chosen a fantastic Canadian cooking apron to wear whenever we are grilling out or cooking in.  Along with this she sent us


Canadian napkins….”eh” and a Canadian water bottle cover.  All with the Canadian symbol!!!  We will remember our special Canadian friends each time we use our prize items.


Sue thank you so much for being such a fun blogger!!  We are delighted that we were the lucky winners of the “Canadian Prize Pack” and better than that, we have wonderful special Canadian friends such as you and Doug along with Tucker and Oliver too!!



  1. so glad it arrived safe and sound..our 'pony express' mail service came through!!!..hope you enjoy your gift!!!..and you are most welcome!!!!

  2. Getting goodies is great. Having blogging buddies is even greater!

  3. Gosh, I have slightly over 2000 comments, I guess I'd better start thinking about a California prize! I know it has to have an animal motif.

    congratulations On being a winner.

  4. Eh, thanks for showing all of us bloggers pictures of your fantastic prize!

  5. Wow Gerri...great gifts!!

    Hope you're enjoying the summer so far!
    Cheers! ~M

  6. Cool beans! You look fantastic in that pretty apron. Enjoy!

  7. What can I say, eh? Being a Canadian, I sure wish I had some of that Canadian stuff too, eh?

  8. Congratulations on being Sue's big winner. You got some great stuff there. Finally had a chance to catch up with your blog. We haven't had internet, electricity, or time all together very often this summer. It has put a crimp in my lifestyle and I feel so disconnected to my friends. Glad to see you guys have survived the terrible heat so far and have even been on a few outings.

  9. What a neat prize!! I know you will enjoy using it all!!

  10. Very nice Maple Leaf items!! Love the header photo....calming.

  11. I agree with you Diana, the napkins looks pretty cool.


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