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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Unique Cemetery


Gerri and I went to one of the most unique cemeteries we have ever seen while we are in Cedar Key. This is an old cemetery that dates back to the mid 1800’s and the locals view this as more of a park than a cemetery.



The cemetery actually sits right on the gulf and they have a boardwalk on the back side of the cemetery to walk out on. The cemetery has hills with graves on them and randomly scattered throughout…some were just giant stone mounds or slabs up to ten feet large. Some of the graves were surrounded by iron fencing that is starting to fall while others were simply covered in sea shells…WOW!













Basically this is a sea captains cemetery and fishermen along with those that died in storms and pioneers to the area. This is probably a main attraction for most amateur ghost busters who come here after their conferences to look around. It is said to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in Florida and we can see that by the way it sets. There are many large oak trees with moss hanging down almost to some of the graves.




Gerri and I drove and walked this cemetery several times and were amazed at the uniqueness of this place. While there, we sighted a rather large bird perched high in a tree and upon taking pics and looking at them, we discovered it to be an Osprey…wow.





Looking further, we saw its nest on the outskirts of the cemetery in a DEAD tree top. What an awesome nest it is!


For us, this was a truly neat outing and experience/adventure.


Sue and Doug said...

great shot of the osprey!!!..cemetaries seem to be a common place to visit!!!

Donna K said...

What an interesting post. That truly is a unique cemetery. I imagine all that moss hanging from the trees adds to the ghostly images after the sun goes down!

Carol K said...

Very interesting pictures. Good shots of the osprey and nest. What an unusual cemetery!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Very interesting. I am glad someone besides me has a post on cemeteries:)

Weldon and Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing your trip to the cementary. Sandy and I enjoy going to old cementaries particulary those that date back centuries ago. The pictures of the. osprey are awesome.

John and Ellen said...

Wow, very interesting! Cemetery’s both old and new can often be informative regarding surrounding history, local culture, and of course the people buried there. I find it fascinating that the locals (birds and humans) use this both as a cemetery and a park, very unusual. Great pictures of the Osprey too, such a regal looking creature!


Mike E. said...

Looks like a good cemetery to see at night!

squawmama said...

We love Cemeteries and visit them often... we will have to check this one out. Gorgeous photos of the Osprey also know as a Sea Eagle. They are closley related to the eagles and are very magestic in their own right. Beautiful pictures!!!
Have fun & Travel safe

Dennis and Donna said...

Having spent my teen years living in a cemetery, I am drawn to them...I love to wander around and get the vibes of the people and the lives they may have led..I have a book called the ghosts of East Texas that takes one through a few neat cemeteries...NorthEast Texas has a Louisiana flavor..Thanks for sharing.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

We love looking around old cemeteries and find them interesting. Thanks for the tour.

Rick and Paulette said...

A truly unique and interesting cemetery - thanks for the tour and great pics.

Merikay said...

Very interesting. And the bird was an extra treat for you and for us!

Ash said...

Amazing trees!

The Tuckerbag

Sweet Meanderings said...

I just found your blog and am glad I did! The cemetery is fascinating. Since I'm living in Florida (at the moment) I'm going to have to make a point to go see it. Thanks for sharing!

Judy and Emma said...

Glad you're enjoying your get away. :)

Margie and Roger said...

That sure was an interesting cemetery. I sure wouldn't want to walk through it in the dark. Good shot of the osprey.