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Monday, February 13, 2017

Land Locked for a Bit...

One reason we are unable to travel quite as much as some of you lucky RVers is Mike has been diagnosed with a herniated disc in the L5, S1 region along with osteoarthritis.  He met with the Physical Therapist, Karen today.  She worked with him in January for  Spinal stenosis (cervical area neck). This PT literally might have prevented surgery.


Today we found out Mike has considerable weakening on his right side, the right leg being shorter than the left and atrophy of the right butt.  He has numbness of his right foot.  This can be very serious but Karen is hopeful that she can help Mike correct most of this issue without surgery.  He isn't allowed to lift anything heavy and can't do steps or walk uphill.  If he does something harmful the disc could totally pop and off to the doctor we head....immediately.

We are so thankful for dedicated therapist, like Karen, who have been trained to correct some of these problems that come from having birthdays!!  Therapy for this starts tomorrow (Tuesday).

It has been a beautiful day with temperatures nearing 64 degrees with lots of sunshine. The campground is beginning to fill up and get busy and it was a beautiful weekend for camping.


 After a treat to Krispy Kreme we decided to head home for a nice quiet evening.

Mike went out to get a picture of the moon the other night when there was suppose to be a comet and eclipse and  this is what he got!! Pretty cool.

I hope you have a wonderful week!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that your wings have been clipped for a time but will be praying that the physical therapy will prevent the need for surgery and give sustainable relief from the pain.

  2. We need these stupid birthdays to stop. So sorry to hear about Mike's problems. Our neighbor here in the park is going through almost the exact problems but after all the PT and shots, etc, he will be under going surgery the first of March. It's wonderful when you find good medical personnel.

  3. Karen sounds like a very caring and compete person. We will be praying that Mike gets the right PT to help eliminate his pain and give him back a better quality of life.
    I just love seeing the beauty surrounding you two. Just gorgeous.

  4. Sorry to hear about your health. Will keep you in prayers to get well soon. It was a beautiful place where you can spend some time in the evening.

  5. I am thinking Kristy Kreme is the ideal place to stop after PT. Keep up the good work with Karen. Waiting to hear of further improvements.


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