Sometimes we look at sights in nature but don't really see. While hiking in the woods the other day, it became a realization that we need to open our heart and eyes to see the beauty of the simple things in nature with each season. There is so much order and purpose in His creation. God has given us awesome beauty in this world to see and enjoy... if we would but stop to see and feel it. Join us as this blog is about stopping to see the real beauty around touch and feel it... "Through the Lens".

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Sunrise to sunset

We got up early one morning and took a few pictures of early morning fog on Open Pond

Later in the day we decided to take a few pics of the sunset over Open Pond.


On Saturday we headed back to our home base at Chewacla State Park.  Open Pond is definitely a place we will return to and explore a bit more.


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

One word for this post....Gorgeous!!!

I love looking at fog photos. They are always so mysterious and beautiful.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great pictures! There is something relaxing about fog as long as you are not traveling in it.

Al Bossence said...

You have some real nice photos there. I like that Nikon set-up you got a few weeks back. 'WOW' is all I can say about that. Keep up the great photo work.

our awesome travels said...

Love the morning fog over the sun, and excellent sunset photos as well.

horst said...

You got some post card shots there ...I did favor the early morning fog....Happy Trails to you Guys...Horst sends