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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What the winds blew in

We have certainly had our share of the ugly weather lately. The worse part seemed to be behind us as the front moved through the area Saturday evening late and then on into Sunday morning. What it left behind were the awful winds. Gusts that traveled somewhere between 30 to 40 mph. In a sticks and bricks, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but in an RV, the sound is horrible. You just have to wonder what in the world is being destroyed on the roof??? Earlier this month we moved the motorhome to this beautiful spot in the new section of Pine Mountain RV Resort. Everybody “claims” this is the best spot in the campground with the best view, BUT what they didn’t tell us or didn’t know is, that it sits up a little on a rise and therefore the winds are just a little worse here. We haven’t been able to put our awning out more than a few hours at a time since we have been here. A couple of times we have had to chase our trash can as it blew across the campground spreading our contents everywhere. The wind has politely folded up our lounge chairs a couple of times and we wouldn’t dare put out our patio mat. DSC03237 DSC03238 DSC03239

Yesterday during one of the lulls in the wind gusts, I was looking out the window and noticed this beautiful bluebird just sitting on top of our bird feeder pole. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots before he flew off. For those of you that have traveled extensively and have been lucky enough to be in birding areas during the “right” time of the year may not appreciate my excitement. For over five years I maintained a backyard habitat in our stick house. I was able to attract so many of the area birds….many different varieties, but never was able to attract the gorgeous bluebird. We lived in the city and we had lots of trees in our yard….not what the bluebird likes. So I tried but failed to attract my love….the bluebird. So there he sat yesterday just taking in the area and surveying his kingdom. Being out in the open away from trees and in the country finally paid off in bringing the bluebird to my feeder. Now we are both anxious to do more birding. As soon as the weather clears we will journey to Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center in Columbus. This is a regional hands on nature center maintained by Columbus State University and they have bird watching trails.

The sun is scheduled to reappear on Wednesday so we are planning to make a day of it at Oxbow Meadows. We are excited!!


  1. Good deal getting that bluebird photo! It was beautiful.

    We had a tornado watch here for a few hours Saturday night. Lots of rain and wind for several hours and then it all went away, thank goodness.

    Enjoy Wednesday.

  2. too bad about the wind..we have been through it too..a few nights last summer..I was by myself in a wind storm..doug was at home and I was 400 kms away on a bluff overlooking osoyoos lake..with gusts of wind..and yes the awning was was 2 am..pretty scary stuff..too scared to go out and put it away...lots of rocking and rolling..went to be with the pillow over my head..all was fine in the morning..but what a long night that was!!!

  3. It's windy here in Las Vegas today and supposed to be even worse tomorrow. We put off our trip to the Grand Canyon for another day because it's supposed to be even windier there. Wind--the bane of all RVers!


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