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Monday, November 26, 2007

Three Things I Learned From Full-timers

Ok, I know I've learned more than just three things but these are the three I have been thinking about lately.

I think I have bought into the the buzz word of society - to plan for the future, to look ahead and make my long term and short term objectives. The teacher in me is so used to this concept after all we are required to make lesson plans. Those of us waiting to full-time are planning for this future lifestyle. Some are planning on retiring at a certain date, planning to sell their house, planning on what RV they want to purchase. That is what full-timers do don't they? They plan on where they want to travel, what state(s) they want to visit. They plan on when they want to travel, how far and where they want to stop for fuel, lunch or the night. They plan where they might want to workamp and the list goes on. Some full-timers even make an itinerary. Now don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with planning. We certainly need to spend a certain amount of our energies planning but when planning is all we do we are only looking at what we don't currently have. We are looking into a future time but not a current time. Full-timers have taught me to plan well but they didn't stop there they also taught me to live in the moment.

Full-timers live in the moment. They have taught me to look around at where I am at the moment and to explore my environment. They take a walk and hold hands. They might attend a local play or ballgame, shop at a local store, taste the local food and attend a local church service. They might just sit under their awning and sip a cold ice tea and just enjoy their surroundings. They slow down!! It doesn't matter what my future plans might be I need to learn this lesson from my friends. I need to slow down and just enjoy where I am this moment in time.

My full-time friends didn't stop there. They also taught me to look back at the past. Oh I know, society tells you to move forward and never look back. If you never look behind you then you will miss the blessings in your life. It is when you turn around and look at where you have been and the distance your life has covered you realize what a wonderful life you have lived so far. Some things might be hard to revisit, some things hurt deeply, we all have had our share of hard moments but when you look back you realize that you made it, you are a survivor. This is when you really see the grace of God. You find that you might have made your far share of mistakes but for the most part you have been successful at this thing called life. You see the joys and wonderful moments that have defined your life. Full-timers look back! They take pictures and record their journeys in blogs and journals. Have you ever talked to a full-timer? It is not long before they begin to tell you their adventures with great excitement. They tell you where they have been, you know where they are and then they share where they plan to go next. They are excited about all aspects of their life! Isn't it a shame the rest of the world can't feel that same excitement about their life? We all could - those full-timing, those waiting to full-time and those that will never full-time - because we all have been given this wonderful thing called life.

Thank you my friends for your valuable lessons for life! I have made my plans and now will live in the moment till those plans are fullfilled and I will celebrate my past and how it defines who I am. After all it is A Wonderful Life!


  1. Excellent blog....these are all things I am learning as well!

  2. Me too!!! We'll need it when we go on the Rollin' Real Estate Tour!
    Have We Lost Our Minds??
    Maybe.....but only temporarily. We're a family of four going on a one year long R.V. trip around the country. But this isn't just an ordinary R.V. trip. It's no vacation.

    We'll be buying and selling as many houses as we can without any of our own cash or credit while we're on this trip. AND for the first time in real estate investing history, we'll be pulling the curtain back to reveal the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY.

    Never before has this been attempted by anyone so please...don't take it upon yourself to try this. We're committed to this and it's going down...Starting July 1, 2008.

    DO NOT MISS IT!!!!

  3. Excellent blog! It took us a while to learn these very things as we went off on our journey; how wise for you to learn them ahead of time. You will be that much happier when you hit the road.

  4. Hi Mike and Gerri,

    Just wondering what you two have been up to. It's been quite a while since you blogged. Hope you had a nice Christmas and are looking forward to a great New Year.

    By the way, you've been "tagged". Check out today's mention in my blog at

  5. Very good one!...and very, very True!"two thumbs up! (one from each hand!)....


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