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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ivy, the New Kudzu



We have been staying busy but nothing overly exciting! We have enjoyed our backyard so much this spring. Since this was our first spring we weren’t sure what to expect. It appears the owner before the ones we purchased from really enjoyed plants and we have enjoyed watching the spring show of color. We discovered a daffodil garden on one side of the yard with a fern garden sitting right in the middle. We counted 10 to15 large mature azaleas scattered around the entire area. Among the azaleas are forsythias, snowball bushes, oak leaf hydrangeas and regular hydrangeas. There are three huge mature hardwood trees that offer wonderful shade and three tall



Japanese Cedars along with several dogwood trees and a few crepe myrtles. There is a separation between the small grass area right off the patio and the natural area which is the remaining yard.




All that sounds great but the part I didn’t mention was the previous owners were older and for about 11 years didn’t touch the area. Needless to say we have been uncovering many hidden treasures.

One such treasure was a concrete slab at the back of the property with a brick laid area right beside it. We couldn’t figure out what this originally might have been until we asked a long time neighbor… it was.a greenhouse. Today it is a sitting area! We also noticed a natural path that went from the patio/grass area through the azaleas right up to it. The only thing we needed to do was clear it out and tweak it a bit. Now we have a nice place to sit and observe nature and enjoy!!


Ivy is the new Kudzu….yep we have ivy growing everywhere and it is so invasive!! So we continue to work on the containing of the ivy and removing the ivy from areas we wish it to NOT be. Keeps Mike plenty busy!!

Good news…..Mike’s sugar is staying in the normal range!! We are so hoping this means this issue is under control. Now we continue to tackle the PSA and kidney stones. We appreciate your continued support and prayers.

Our friends are beginning to start their summer travels so we wish you all safe travels and many wonderful memories. We’ll be following along with you until we are able to return to the journey!! Stay safe!!


  1. Talk about gorgeous! Wow. :) Glad things are improving in the health arena.

  2. Your yard is beautiful..and a very nice place to sit and enjoy it..Kidney stones?? I have had 6 over my 63 years and I would rather give birth..Well...maybe I should re-phrase that..I would rather NOT do either:-D

  3. Glad Mike is doing better. Your yard is breath-taking. The header is just beautiful.

  4. Your yard is beautiful; I love all of the flowers. Happy to hear that Mike is doing well with his health too, this is great news!


  5. What an absolutely gorgeous piece of heaven you have there. And your discovery of the "greenhouse" is quite a find. What a nice place to sit and marvel at the beauty that surrounds you. I am a fairly new follower so don't know all your back story - will have to do some catching up. I was intrigued that you mentioned Mike's sugar being in a good range. Sure wish I could get Russ's to settle down. You doing anything special?

  6. A beautiful yard requires lots of work. Glad you are enjoying it.

  7. Wow, looks like you are living in paradise. Nice to find some hidden things - good place to sit and enjoy the surroundings.

  8. Great pictures and even better news about Mike's health. Sounds like you are truly enjoying your new yard. It is beautiful. Glad to hear that things are going well for you.

  9. what a fabulous yard you managed to get when you purchased your home!!..just beautiful!!
    Glad to hear that Mike is doing better!..that is wonderful news!!

  10. Great header picture. You have a beautiful yard. I know what you mean about Ivy - we have it in our back yard too and we have some cutting to do soon to try and control it a bit.

  11. Your flower gardens & all that greenery are right up my alley. Love being surrounded by Mother Nature's beauty. I much prefer flower gardens & that kind of creative landscaping as opposed to vast areas of just plain old green grass.

  12. WOW! You guys have your very own version of Calloway Gardens. :) We can't wait to see it - in just a week!!!

    Good news on Mike's health. Love that.

  13. What a beautiful yard love all the flowers, you found yourselves a gem. Happy to hear that Mikes sugar levels are under control.

    Have a good week!

  14. Your yard is wonderful, but more wonderful is the news Mike is getting good readings on his blood sugar. Gene and Judi

  15. I see your love for each other is growing all around your new home...Have fun.


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