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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Bug Got Me!


There is a “bug” going around and it found its way to me!   I have had it for over a week.  A wicked, mean “bug.”  A deep, down in my lungs, type cough.   I lost my voice and just felt really awful.  Now I’m having trouble eating.  This isn’t the flu or a cold it is probably some type of virus.  One of the meds the doctor prescribed contained codeine so I don’t remember much about last week.  I slept my way through most of it.  I have tons of blogs to catch up on.  Just wanted you to know why I haven’t commented.

Sunday, as I drifted in and out, I noticed a beautiful bird at our little bird bath by our sunroom door.  It took a minute or two for me to finally realize it was a Bluebird.  I love Bluebirds and have tried to lure them to our yard.  We had a few drop by this past spring/summer but they went on to better pastures.  That might be the problem.  We have a very woody back yard and blue birds like open areas.  But on this chilly Sunday afternoon there sat a beautiful Bluebird.  As luck would have it…I had NO camera.  I did call Mike to come and look because I didn’t want to be accused of hallucinating on my meds.  I wasn’t sure any stayed around in this area during the winter but apparently one did.

Same day but a little later……I was once again waking up from my codeine induced slumber when I noticed this larger bird sitting on top of one of our bird houses.  I looked at him for a minute or two and then realized he was some sort of hawk. 


I called Mike to come take a look and he also thought it was a hawk.  We got out our binoculars and quickly noticed why he was perched on the bird house.  He was having lunch.  Obviously he had killed his prey and was dining on top of the bird house. 




Mike got his camera and we began to snap a few pics.  We think he was a juvenile Red Tailed Hawk but we are not certain so if any veteran birders out there have a different identification please let us know.  We are still in the learning stage!


So the excitement for the week has been, to sleep rest and begin to feel better which is just what is happening.  Today is Wednesday and it has been my best day so far. 

Now I need to get my Christmas shopping done….quickly!!


  1. Glad you're on the mend. You're gonna be one of those last minute shoppers. It'll be great.

  2. welcome back to the land of the living!!..have fun playing catch up!!..with the blogs and the Christmas shopping!!..I haven't been sick and I am not least you have an excuse!!

  3. It's especially bad to get sick during the month of December--so much to do, so little time. Take it as easy as you can and I hope you get to feeling better and better!

  4. Glad that you are feeling better! :) Nice of the birds to come and keep you entertained as you rested.

  5. Yep that is a nasty bug have had for over a week and just doesnt want to move on. News this morning said 25% of the area is down with something.

  6. Kick back and rest you will be up and running soon.

  7. Hope the recovery continues and that you have a great Christmas!

  8. Glad you're on the mend.

    I hate hawks when they try to get my birds! It may be nature, but they'd better stay away from MY birds!

  9. Sue hope you are are fully recovered real soon:)

  10. So sorry you've been sick, sounds awful! A couple of campers here by me have also been sick. I hope everyone is well for Christmas.

    Great photos of the hawk. That's something you don't see very often!

    Merry Christmas! :)


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