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Sunday, March 18, 2012

We Are Expecting


Bluebirds that is…      DSC_5956-001


We noticed several bluebirds out and about the other day and yesterday we saw the new parents taking roost in our birdhouse and mom making her nest.  They are such beautiful birds and so fun to watch.  The birdhouse is about 30 feet from our front door so we should have a good view of the upcoming family.  I took several pictures of the bluebirds so we wanted to share them with you.





Also, the azaleas in our back yard are about a week away of peaking in their blooms.  The weather has been so warm we are about 2 weeks ahead of the season with the blooms.



   While we were taking pics of the bluebirds, I couldn’t resist taking a pic of this Robin.   DSC_5954-001

    We hope each of you had a great weekend and have a safe and great week.  Thanks for letting us share some of our birds with you!


  1. Both beautiful birds, the bluebirds and the robin. It will be fun to see the babies when they start coming out of the nest. :)

    Your yard is so pretty!

  2. Thanks for sharing. It's all just beautiful. Isn't spring a wonderful time of year?

  3. Ah yes, the bluebird of happiness has helped spring to have sprung??

  4. Even the lowly robin is beautiful in your picture. The bluebird pictures are outstanding. Lovely azaleas!

  5. Beautiful bird is such a peaceful color.

  6. beautiful birds in your front yard!!!..happy spring to you both!!

  7. Your Bluebird photos are wonderful! I have been keeping an eye out for our returning families but no sightings yet. Thanks for the azaleas shots too. I already miss the spring in the south.

    John and Ellen

  8. Your title really caught my attention.

    Thanks for posting the beautiful Bluebird pictures. It sure made me miss my Bluebirds though! I don't really miss our house, but I did love it there in the spring with all the beautiful blooms and all the baby birds. You're just going to have to take lots of pictures for me, I guess!

  9. Beautiful bird photos ~ Can't wait to see the babies!!!

  10. We have a lot of these birds around our place up in the Black Hills.. I just love them and enjoy watching them. Boy can they fly....

    Great pictures....

  11. Such beautiful pictures. Spring is really here!

  12. I have GOT to get a better camera! Beautiful.


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