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Saturday, December 17, 2016

About Our Oliver

The Oliver is a “full custom molded fiberglass interior and exterior insulated shell” rv.  The windows are thermal pane and it is a true 4 season rv.
The best way to explain this rv is to go their sight and read about how it is made on this sight.

Since this is a build to order rv, we had the opportunity to add whatever options we wanted. Below is a list of those options:

320 watts roof mounted solar panels
2000 watt power inverter
4 trojan T-105 wet cell batteries
hard wired surge protector
mobile 4g cell phone amplifier
wifi ranger elite
Fiber-granite counter tops
4 reading light package
an awesome Truma Aquago Comfort Tankless Water Heater
Front and rear propane quick connects
Additional electric outlets
Dexter E-Z Flex System
The Anderson Hitch

Gerri and I have been in our new Oliver now for 5 days and we are adjusting quite well.  Thursday night the temps got down in the upper 20’s and we had no problem staying warm.  One of the best things we added was the tankless water heater.  That enabled us both to take long back to back hot showers and not worry about losing the hot water.  We are sorting through where we want to put things and get them organized, and we are getting there.
This is at the Campground in the town we picked up our Oliver

Our Dinette

This is definitely different living quarters than our motorhome, but we are pleasantly adjusting…besides there are some amenities in our Oliver that our Dutch Star didn't have.

Kitchen / Dinette and the wet bath behind the mirrored door.
Closet is just to the right of the mirrored door.

Our sofas and night stand between the twin beds at night.  The cabinet on the right with the red
towels is the pantry.


  1. Love how you have decorated your home. Enjoy your Oliver.

  2. Love the new home - it's so bright and clean! I'm sure you are going to spend many happy miles and in her.

    BTW, your link goes to :)

  3. What a great setup..and especially your Guys personal touches...glad to see you "On the Road Again"....Have a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas..Horst sends

  4. Nice to see you back at the RV lifestyle...and blogging!

    Only one question...why such a large inverter? If you're going to be doing a lot of boondocking, obviously battery conservation is a big thing, What is it that you're going to be running that requires that much power?

  5. Glad you messaged me! Olivers are great trailers....we have several good friends with Olivers and marveled over all the features. Know you are going to enjoy that one for a long time!


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