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Monday, April 30, 2018

A Jello Moment

We left Deerlick Creek COE Campground around 9:30 this morning with the hopes of getting to McFarland Campground and securing one of their first come first serve sites!  We took the back roads and it has been a beautiful day!!  Little to no traffic and just lush countryside!
We arrived at McFarland Campground in Florence, Alabama around lunch.  We noticed right away there were tons of sites available but as we got closer we realized ALL the sites were available because they were closed.  What a disappointment!!  It seems as though there had been some heavier rains earlier and the water levels were getting a bit too high and they closed the park until the levels dropped.  So we decided to just stop right there and picnic right beside the Tennessee River!!

 It was a beautiful day and lots of people had decided to enjoy lunch beside the river!!  It's always nice to see people outside enjoying the outdoors instead of sitting inside somewhere eating.  I fixed us sandwiches a pistachio salad and chips and we enjoyed the lovely day.  As we ate we talked about where we would go from here.

Joe Wheeler State Park is only about 26 miles from McFarland Campground so we decided to give Joe Wheeler a try.  We drove to Joe Wheeler State Park and got a site that backs up to the river.  This is a nice woodsy state park that sits way off the highway so it is very quiet and peaceful.
Taken inside from our back window

After getting all set up we walked around and took a few pictures and sat outside for awhile.  Unfortunately the laundry was calling to had been awhile since I had done the laundry and it was becoming a necessity!!  So we drove to the laundry facility and discovered a very nice, clean laundry room.  There are three washing machines (one was out of order) and two very large commercial dryers.  I was able to use the two washers and get our laundry done pretty quickly.

Tomorrow morning we plan to backtrack toward Florence, Alabama so we can catch the Natchez Trace for our drive to Hohenwald.  It is no secret...we love this parkway.  And why not...we have all day to arrive at the Oliver sales office.  They have a couple places at the sales office where you can park your Oliver and hook up to electric and water.  As Pete ( Pete and the Wonder Egg) put's an exclusive, members only campground in Hohenwald, Tennessee!!   So we are looking forward to our trip up the Natchez toward Hohenwald  tomorrow and arriving at The Mothership

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  1. I will be thinking of you as you drive the Natchez Trace. Sorry it did not work out for you to camp at McFarland. If you have time, drive down to Red Bay and take the Tiffin tour. It is at 9:30 Monday-Friday.

  2. Nice state park you found for the night, now to enjoy your drive along the Trace

  3. Good Morning from Beautiful Tennessee, We are FINALLY getting some 'real' Spring here on the Cumberland Plateau today...Our big shade trees are finally getting some leaves!!!!! Things are 'greening up' really nicely. LOVE IT.

    Sorry the first campground was closed --but it looks like you got a nice site at the 2nd campground. The Trace should be pretty now --so I hope you two have an awesome day and trip to Hohenwald....


  4. Not to shabby for a second choice camp site.

  5. The shoulder seasons make a change in plans much more doable and peaceful. Great site all alone.

  6. A picnic lunch beside a beautiful river is about as good as it can get.

  7. Such a nice spot to enjoy your picnic lunch. And the campground you found looks very peaceful and inviting. You know how to find the good ones!

  8. The Natchez Trace is a magnificent adventure and a great History Lesson...I've on parts of it twice, last time with the Grandkids and they loved it....Safe Travels to Hohenwald....Horst sends

  9. What an amazing day at the lake! Looks like you guys enjoyed yourselves, hope you have just as an amazing as a weekend. Need to get outside and enjoy myself like you guys! Keep up the posts.
    Greg Prosmushkin


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