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Friday, October 12, 2018

Baton Rouge to Natchez Mississippi

After being stationary for a couple months to complete physical therapy for me and treatments for Mike's ruptured disc and damaged nerve, we decided to make a trip over to see Stephen in Baton Rouge.  We got lucky because it was fall break for the students which meant  his work load was reduced and the added bonus was LSU was playing an away game.  So we were able to really enjoy some family time.  We stayed at the KOA in Denham Springs.

Monday we decided to head up to Natchez Mississippi and pick up on the sightseeing we started in June.  

We arrived at Riverview Campground in Vidalia, La around 2:00 and got all set up in our site facing the Mississippi River.            

This is a very nice campground with concrete pads and beautiful green grass...very clean!!                  

Once we got all set up we headed over to Roux 61 for some lupper!!  This restaurant was recommended by the campground and we were very pleased.  It is quite unique with a quirky cool atmosphere.  The portions were crazy generous and the food delicious.  

After getting our bellies full we made our way over to the Welcome Center where we learned more about the Natchez area and its unique history.  We gathered ideas of places we would visit and tour during the next couple days.  
Because it was getting late we decided to start by driving around in the historic area and get our bearings.  One place we wanted to see was Natchez Under the Hill.             

This area is part of the original Natchez and this street, Silver Street, is all that is now left.

  During the 19th century there was a Natchez proper and a Natchez improper.  Natchez proper was the town above and Natchez improper was the area below the bluffs where boats would dock.     
This is looking at Silver Street zoomed from my camera at Riverview RV Park

 During the 19th century this area developed a reputation of being one of the rowdiest ports on the Mississippi River.  Today it has cleaned up its act with restaurants, gift shop and a saloon.              

We had a busy and full day and look forward to exploring more of the history of Natchez!!


  1. Nice to hear you are back on the road again and exploring some interesting places.

  2. It is good to see you back on the road and feeling better.

  3. You find some of the most interesting places to visit. Thanks for sharing them here,so I get to visit them as well.

  4. We have stayed at that campground, it is a great view of the river and Natchez is always a fun place. Spending time with famil just makes it better:)

  5. Been out of reach for a little while so just starting to get caught up my my favorite Blogs!
    Great to see both of you on the mend and getting back into the "lifestyle"...and a belated Happy Birthday to you Mike!!....I've always enjoyed my stay at the Riverview Campground. Great central point for sightseeing in the area. In fact stayed there with the G-sons back in 2013 and they loved it, especially the pool and seeing the Barges going up and down the Mississippi.
    Take care and enjoy the Fall...Horst sends

  6. What a neat place to visit. Even though I lived in Nawlins for about 4-5 years, we never spent much time near Baton Rouge --and areas nearby....Glad they have fixed up the Natchez Improper area.... ha

    I'm sure you enjoyed spending time with your son.


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