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Monday, May 6, 2019

The Journey Begins

Sunset at the pier Mobile bay
So the journey begins!!  For the past 2 1/2 years Mike has been actively avoiding surgery on his cervical stenosis. Who wants surgery anyway?   The neurosurgeon in Columbus, Georgia told him 2 1/2 years ago that it would only get worse....and he was spot on.                 

On the way to Jessie's in Magnolia Springs

About 4 months ago the pain decided to take on a new high!!  The pain increased and now both arms are involved.  He has lost strength in both arms and is unable to look up.  But most of all the pain is constant.  He saw a neurosurgeon in Mobile, Alabama who examined him and had an updated MRI done.  Sure's gotten worse.               

Fountain at the pier in Fairhope

So tomorrow morning we will be traveling to Auburn and our "home" base of Chewacla State Park where we will be hunkering down for the surgery and recuperation.   Mike sees his neurosurgeon in Columbus, Thursday May 9th and we should have a date for surgery soon after that.                    

Boardwalk at the pier Fairhope

The surgery itself sounds horrible but doesn't all surgery??  The doctor assured us he "does this all the time!"   They will make the incision in the front (kinda like slitting your throat) and move the muscles and structures aside so he can get to the spinal cord where he will remove the bone spurs, disc and replace with a cadaver and plate with screws to hold it in place.  Mike will wear a soft collar and possibly a hard collar for several weeks following surgery.  He will be unable to lift, drive or do much for several weeks.  It varies with different people and different situations.  Our job will be to take care of the incision and do all the things to heal....such as eating healthy and walking walking walking!!!!   We can handle that!!               

The good news....when this is complete and Mike has healed we will be able to do more, go further and Mike will not be in pain. 
Those of you that wish...we would love to have your prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery!!  

Small marina at the pier

So Sunday morning we will say our "see ya laters" to the Gulf Shores area...specifically Escapees Rainbow Plantation!!  

Our cameras caught some sights on our last, for now, trip to the Fairhope Pier!  Hope you enjoy!!


  1. May the good Lord guide all involved so healing and comfort are achieved.

  2. Definitely sending prayers for both of you and especially for the surgeons hands. The months of recovery will be tough and frustrating but they will be worth it for no pain. Keep us posted on his progress.

  3. Continued prayers for both of you!

  4. Good luck with that surgery and hope you recover quickly

  5. The surgery does sound horrible, but if the end result is no more pain it will be worth it. Can't wait to see you guys get back on the road to the great adventures that await. Send healing thoughts to you and Mike.

  6. I have a feeling when this is done you will wonder why you didn't have the surgery soon. I hope all goes well. Your view from the pier is stunning.

  7. Oh, my. Prayers for Mike, and you as well. I know it's a huge decision, but once it's made, it's best to do it and get it behind you. Than you can get back to the life you love.

  8. One of my closest girlfriends had the same surgery last year and it was very successful. Sending good thoughts and prayers to you both!

  9. I just know Mike will come through this with flying colors. HE WILL BE FINE. God Bless and looking forward to hearing about his speedy recovery and future travels.

  10. Thoughts and prayers to both of you....and may the recovery be swift and 100 percent...and return to a life of new adventures! Horst sends

  11. Paul and I both have spinal fusion and the operation were a huge success. It ha been 29 years for me and 9 for Paul. Trust in God and known He will be there guiding the Doctor’s hands. All will go well.

  12. Gerri, trying again to get a comment to post. Praying for you and Mike. May God guide the surgeon's hands, grant Mike a quick and complete recovery, and fill you both with his peace.


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