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Monday, June 17, 2019

Settling In

The big day is coming!!!   Mike’s surgery is scheduled for Wednesday morning at 8:30!!
We have been busy getting things in order for an extended stay here at Chewacla State Park!!  We were in a beautiful site all tucked away in the woods but we quickly discovered that those trees liked to deposit little reminders of their beauty all over the roof of the Oliver!!   The tiny area behind the awning and the gutter was a debris collector!!!  Since Mike is going to be out of commission for several months the cleaning of the roof and awning and gutter would become my job!!   I don’t mind washing and cleaning the Oliver while Mike heals but this job was constant!!!    When the debris collects the water from rain or the A/C runs a brown looking stain down the front and back sides of the Oliver.  This stain looks awful against a white fiberglass rig!!!

So off we went in search of a nice site but a bit more open from trees.  We found a rather large site very near the campground host and closer to the front of loop 2.  We have the Oliver parked and the patio set up as well as our Clam!!!  We will place the zero gravity chairs in there along with our TV.  This gives us a great outdoor area to rest and relax in while Mike is busy growing bone at his fusion!!
We can watch a little TV, read or take a nap!!   I’m also closer to the laundry area as well!!!  Did I ever tell you I hate doing laundry🙁!!!  I sure miss our washer/dryer combo we had in our motorhome!!

This site puts us much closer to the lake!!  We walked down there a few nights ago with Stephen and Asher!!  Asher has never been exposed to much water in his first year!!  He probably saw the lake as a huge water bowl!!  We hope to take many many walks to the lake with him this summer!!  We will put him on his 16 ft leash so he can actually walk, splash or just stare at the water.  Our hope is that he’ll learn to love the water....after all he’s a water dog!!!

So that is what we’ve been up to lately!!  The big surgery day is Wednesday and we are both looking forward to getting this surgery done so Mike can once again feel better (no pain) and begin to regain the strength in his arms and the ability to look up, reach up and all those things we all take for granite!!  We are beyond ready to get this Oliver moving!!!

On Monday Mike and I went to Little Italy in Auburn to get some really good pizza before his surgery, was it good!

Thank you for dropping by and remember to enjoy each day to its fullest!!!


  1. Wishing Mike the best on his Surgery and Rehabilitation. Looks like he will be coaching you on some of the outdoor tasks that all RVers have to deal with.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your spot by the lake.

    It's about time.

  2. Parking under the trees sure does make a mess of you RV, We have issues with the here in some places.
    Good luck with Mike's Surgery and a speedy recovery.

  3. Best wishes for Wednesday. I like your sunny spot better.

  4. We're thinking about you two and sending prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. It sounds as though you've got yourselves situated in a beautiful place for healing. Take good care, both of you!

  5. Hoping all went well yesterday....prayers coming your way...what a terrific location...just what's needed for a quick and complete recovery! Take care of yourselves and enjoy that lake! Horst sends


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