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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

We Have Lift Off

Yesterday we journeyed to Columbus, Georgia to see Mike’s neurosurgeon and get his 6 week review!!   Several days before this appointment he went for x-rays to see what progress had been made in fusing the bone the surgeon chipped off Mike’s old disc to create the new and improved disc!!  So on Tuesday we went to Ridgeway Diagnostics in Auburn and had those done!!

So with disc in hand we set out for Columbus a tad early so we could eat and shop a little.  We ate a good lunch at Cheddars.  
Cheddars, but not our car...
The food was good but the noise level reminded me of a school cafeteria...not good!!  When we eat out we enjoy a nice dining experience and this didn’t happen there yesterday!!  Oh well...the food was good!!

We left there and enjoyed browsing among the many books at Barnes and Nobles!!  We found a very nice book on sale showing all our National Parks published by National Geographic.  Beautiful pictures and very informative!  We couldn’t pass this up for $9.98!!  We know we can find all this information on line but every now and then it’s nice to hold the book and flip the pages!
Barnes & Nobles special sale
We made our way over to the office complex where Southeastern Brain and Spine Surgery is located.  Our 4 o’clock appointment proved to be a winner...nobody was in the waiting room!!  That was a first!!

The doctor examined Mike’s neck and took a look at the x-rays.  He even showed them to us and we could distinctly see the titanium plate (cage) surrounding the two disc he created and the 6 screws holding everything in place!  We could see the new disc and he pointed out the area in the middle where the bone had been placed and fused!!  According to the doctor it looked exactly as it should!!  Everything was fine for taking that neck brace off!!  Yay...we have lift off!!  Mike was told he could do most everything he wants except no more contact sports....oh darn!!!  There goes his football and wrestling careers!!  So after 6 long weeks the brace is off!!
Brace off after six weeks, got it in my left hand
We are now heading for more healing with physical therapy!!  That starts on Tuesday and should help Mike tone up muscles he hasn’t been able to use for nearly 2 years!!  They will also work with range of motion in turning his head.  The tingling in the arm and fingers is gone.  There is a little soreness on the shoulders from time to time but no pain as he had before.  He’s able to look up and that range should increase with PT.  He can raise both arms and they are nearly the same height.  So things are looking good.
I handed Mike the keys to the truck...after 6 weeks of him not driving
We have another appointment with the neurosurgeon in 6 weeks and once again we will have x-rays a few days before.  So we have 6 more weeks being stationery and then our wheels can roll again!!
I hope they haven’t forgotten how!!!!
I don't think he forgot how to drive
Auburn football starts the beginning of September along with the increase in prices so we are hoping to be out of here!!  Gotta work hard in PT!!!
I also gave him to leash to walking Asher
As you can imagine we haven’t done much that warrants a blog post with Mike not able to do much!  I’ve been carrying most of the daily duties which included walking Asher, our 85 pound English Cream Golden.  He’s a puppy so his leash etiquette wasn’t established and he loves people...all kinds, big ones, little ones it doesn’t matter.  He thinks they all need a hug from him.  So for 6 weeks I’ve worked hard on getting him to walk (without pulling) and the goal is a loose leash!  We also worked on sitting every time we see someone.  I’m proud to say when I turned the leash over to Mike yesterday he was much better than before!!!  Hey, you gotta learn!!!
Now Mike can walk Asher, while I will walk Nick
So life around here is slowly returning to normal!!  We have a little longer to go and all Mike has been through should be worth it and give him back his life...pain free and able to lift, look up and reach up with both arms!!   God is good!!!’
This guy landed just below our patio for almost 10 minutes

Notice the talons on this hawk
Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Congratulations Mike keep up the good work.

  2. Wonderful,wonderful news. I know you guys are ready for some "real" road time.

  3. I am so glad to hear Mike is doing so well. Indeed, God is good! Those 6 weeks will fly by.

  4. Hello, I am SO happy for Mike (for both of you).... That is awesome news --and I'm sure that PT will help tremendously.... I too have another appointment in Sept. (Sept. 10 for me) ---and hope for more good news for both Mike and me.

    We are headed out next week for a little trip... First one for us in awhile. SO--the wheels are rolling!!!!

    God's love to you both...

  5. Good news! And Asher looks great.

  6. That is great news, things are really looking up:)

  7. WOW! This post is full of praise items. I thank God that Mike is on his way to a normal life once again. Guess that means your life will settle into normal mode again.Enjoy each wonderful day.

  8. Congratulations! Happy for you guys. So glad the surgery and recovery is going so well. It must have been exciting to hear the doctor is pleased with how things are going. Thanks for the update!

  9. Such great news! You sound happy and Mike looks great. What a gift to have health and mobility!

    And by the way, you are obviously doing a great job with your sweet Asher. Everyone appreciates a well-behaved dog. :-)

  10. Congratulations and you get car keys as a bonus.:)) Life is good!! You are so right about holding and flipping paper on a book...and then the smell of an old bound book is hard to beat. BTW a great hawk photo. Take care of yourselves. Horst sends


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