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Monday, January 25, 2010

From Wet and Windy to Windy and Sunny

Some things take some getting used to and unfortunately we have had lots of practice in the last few weeks. Wind makes the most ominous sounds in a motorhome or any RV for that matter. The wind gets up under the awning covers and makes a sound like non-other I have ever heard. Now those that have been Rving for years understand this sound and it really doesn’t bother them to the extent that it bothers us. I guess you get used to it and realize that you are not going to blow away or look out a window and see your roof floating in the air. Then there is the rain. Rain makes a lovely sound on the roof that seems to lull you to sleep unless it is the hard downpours we have experienced lately. I guess you have gotten the message by now. We had some really scary wind and torrential downpours this past Sunday. Just about every lot including the campground sites were full of water. I went outside and took a few pictures but some of the water had already disappeared by the time I got out there.
Needless to say it was wet! We spent the majority of the day lounging around and being lazy. We watched some TV and both of us fell asleep for a short while in the afternoon. We decided to attend the ice cream social at the clubhouse and really enjoyed the fun and fellowship there.

Today we decided to take a drive along Highway 180 towards Fort Morgan.. We wanted to check out the ferry that crosses over to Dauphin Island. This is a trip we want to make next week when Stephen comes. We will also explore Fort Morgan with him. He loves Civil War history and Fort Morgan was a major player during that time. It was a beautiful drive but quite windy. We stopped at one of the trails maintained by Bon Secure National Wildlife Refuge that happens to be right on the beach. We walked out and took a few pictures but it was too windy to do any bird watching or much walking.

This evening we are going to join a few of the folks at the Plantation for another Mexican dinner this time in Fairhope. There should be good food and fellowship along with an authentic Mariachi band. Should be fun!

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