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Saturday, September 22, 2007

If It's Friday It Must Be Raining!!

It seems like every Friday for the past three weekends it has rained. I don't mean just a simple, normal rain but RAIN. Our job as a host at FDR State Park is to make sure all the sites are clean and ready for the influx of campers for the weekend. We work all week on this because during the week we usually have only a handful of people. Those would be the lucky few who do not have to go to W O R K. We feel like proud parents by Thursday, ready for our campers to come in a fill up the campground with fun and laughter. Then it rains hard for about two or three hours and the campground looks wet and messy. You know what I mean, the small rock slides, the puddles and plenty of that Georgia red clay. Last night was no different. Right on time the rains began. Oh well, you can't mess with mother nature.

We had one lady that had just picked up her, new to her, class C and drove down from Atlanta to experience camping for the first time. She drove into the campground and decided she didn't like the direction the pull through was heading, so she tried to turn into the drive out part and go in. Well, did I tell you it was raining? Did I tell you it was dusk? Did I tell you she hadn't driven an RV before? Did I tell you she ended up in the ditch? Well she did!! As we were helping her and trying to get her out of the ditch, more campers started coming into the campground including a 42 ft. Executive. What fun! The wrecker finally arrived, got her out, and all the campers were able to find a perfect spot for the weekend. She learned a valuable lesson in the design layout of campgrounds, how RVs turn differently than a car and why hookups are placed as they are. She did all this learning and thank goodness didn't get hurt, nobody else was hurt and her new to her RV was not hurt.

The rain stopped and the weekend is turning out to be just beautiful. The weather is once again on the perfect side, just right for camping and campfires. We settled back on our patio and enjoyed a nice cozy fire Saturday evening!!

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