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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Celebration Brunch and Exhaustion

Yes, we did close on our house as scheduled on Friday, August 14th. We had until the following Tuesday, August 18th to be out of the house. The exciting part was our son was also moving into his new apartment. He was suppose to move on Monday, August 10th but that was delayed until, you guessed it, Monday August 17th. The really best part was he wasn't going to be able to actually move into the apartment until around 4 o'clock. So we all started helping him move on Monday and worked well into the evening. Did I mention that we are good for the environment?? Yes, after days with no rain it decided to pour that evening. By the time we got to the last of our stuff on Tuesday it felt like junk was just crawling out of the walls. I know I have asked this question many times but where does this stuff come from?? I have already discovered that my purging just wasn't enough. As we get settled in the motorhome we will be doing more purging. Everyone has told me that this is normal so I don't feel too bad. You wouldn't believe how many dishes I brought. Who am I going to feed? Oh well, this is all a learning curve and I am learning daily.

Sunday Mike and I and our son Stephen decided to celebrate by having a wonderful Sunday brunch at Callaway Gardens Resort. This is a special place for our family. Mike was the Recreational Food and Beverage Manager there for over five years. Without a doubt, that was the best position and place he ever worked. We always enjoy "going home" so when we were thinking about a place to celebrate that was a natural. The food was superb but the three of us at the table together was even better. We have always been close so for us this marks a milestone in all of our lives.

So a chapter in our lives has closed and we are so excited about the new one about to be written.


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  2. Congratulations on all the things that are going on in your lives.

  3. Congratulations... I know just how happy you are... It seems like only yesterday we were doing the same thing... Five years later I still purge stuff out of the motorhome... ☺☺☺

    Have Fun & Travel Safe


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