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Friday, August 28, 2009


Today was Mike’s last day of work!!!! Yes, Mike is now officially retired. He told me today that he felt more tired than retired. Stephen and I met him at the door of his place of business to get the wonderful exit photo. Mike has spent the past 37 years in food service of one sort or another. He was the food director at several colleges with a company called Aramark. He was the Recreational Food and Beverage Director with Callaway Gardens Resort and currently the Food Management Director with Five Star Foods which does vending type food as well as commissary feeding. He has catered for many folks but his most famous was Bob Hope. He has a great reputation in the food industry but it was time to STOP. He has worked hard and we are so glad and thankful to God he is able to retire a few years shy of 62. Now we are both retired and together. We are a great team and look forward to many years of fun and happiness together.

For our special celebration dinner we went to a wonderful Mexican restaurant in Pine Mountain called San Marcos. We have dined there off and on for almost 11 years and have developed a great friendship with the owner/workers there. We have celebrated many occasions at San Marcos and tonight was no different. The owner surprised Mike with a special treat of fried ice cream to top off our dinner. We had a great evening and enjoyed being with Stephen.
Today was another milestone in the Jones’ family. Isn’t it wonderful when you see dreams coming together!!!!!


  1. Indeed they are great (dreams)... Congratulations Mike on your retirement... I know now the fun will begin for you & Gerri. Excitement is on the horizon... Have Fun!

    Travel Safe

  2. Fantastic! Congrats! Looking forward to seeing and meeting you guys at the RV-Dreams Rally (Roundup).

    Randy and Pam

  3. congratulations!!! take a quiet day tomorrow, then start the living the best rv times!! We are very envious - we will be ready next year!


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