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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Drive Through Fantasy in Lights at Callaway Gardens Resort

Thursday night Stephen came down and the three of us went to Callaway Gardens Resort for our annual drive through Fantasy in Lights. Nestled amidst wooded landscape of Callaway Gardens, Fantasy In Lights is the Southeast's most spectacular holiday light and sound show with more than eight million twinkling lights celebrating the holiday season. There are 12 different light themes each with their own musical background on the five mile drive. If you want to weather the cold, you can even ride on the "Jolly Trolly" through the lights.

As we drove through the lights, Gerri did a great job taking pics. There are some that are blurred a little, but with the movement of the car and the fact that it is dark out, all turned out good! The weather was cold but the night was clear.

So sit back and enjoy the Fantasy in Lights through our collage of pics. If you want to learn more about Fantasy in Lights or Callaway Gardens Resort, go to


  1. I have seen a number of 'Holiday in Lights' displays, but that one really looks great. Gerri did a nice job on the pictures too!.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Wow that was spectacular... GREAT photos. Thanks for sharing it with us... Have a wonderful day!!!

    Travel Safe


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