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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Shrouds are Here

We got a call from Opelika RV Wednesday morning informing us that our shrouds had arrived.

To update you, we had one of the covers (shroud) on our air conditioners to fly off on our return trip from Texas. We stopped in West Monroe, Louisiana at an RV dealership to get help when we discovered a leak in the living area coming from one of the air conditioner vents and when Mike got on the roof we learned that our shroud had flown the coop. They repaired the leak by putting on a new donut (gasket) and sealing the area around the air conditioner. They also sold us a generic shroud with the assumption we could purchase the mate when we returned to Georgia. What we discovered was that we couldn’t find a mate and that the generic shroud was not the correct one for our rig. We then called Opelika RV and gave them the information they needed to purchase a matching pair of shrouds. We waited several days and when they arrived they were not the correct ones either. Not only were they the wrong color they had no air vents on the side. So what shroud will fit a Penguin air conditioner for a Dutch Star? We called Newmar to get the correct model of air condition unit installed on or coach and finally found the correct shroud. Opelika ordered them a few weeks ago and now they are here. They are the right color and they have vents on the side. Not only that, they are much sleeker looking than the originals.

So today, the coldest day so far this year, Mike is up on the roof installing the new shrouds. If he doesn’t blow off or freeze to death he should be finished in about thirty minutes with our new shrouds in their proper places on our roof.

Just so you’ll know…today it is very windy with temperatures only about 42 degrees at 1:00 in the afternoon. We just aren’t far enough south but goodness the Gulf was expecting snow yesterday. What is with that?????


  1. Glad you finally got the covers you needed. We've seen those lying off on the shoulder of the highway, knowing somebody is going to be upset down the line.

    We are expecting low temps next week in single digits. I know we're in the northwest, but crikey, that is too cold. Good luck with your cold snap!

  2. Parts aquisition is always a challenge. Glad you got your shrouds, We were pulling into Yuma on I-8 and there was dump tank slide valve assembly lying on the shoulder... Things could always be worse.
    The decorations look wonderful, love your steering wheel table santa arangement. Travel safely!
    Porter and Vicki

  3. So glad that you received the right air conditioner covers... Sometimes things are a hassle but they are always resolved. It is about the same temp here... low 40 today and 26 tonight and it is raining so maybe some snow. Why is this Florida girl in the cold...? Oh ya visiting my daughter for the winter... ☺☺☺ Have a great day and Travel Safe


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