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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Stephen came down Wednesday so we could have our family cookout that we didn’t have on the 4th. Stephen was off work on the 4th but woke up with a really stuffy nose and felt pretty poorly. He works long hours so we told him to just take it easy and rest. We were plenty busy with the campground anyway and he would come up on his next day off and we could grill out then.

Not only did he drive down to the campground but he brought my special little “grand fur baby” Josh with him. DSC_3207 It is always a treat to have Stephen come visit and an extra treat when Josh gets to come. Josh doesn’t travel well so Stephen doesn’t like to bring him very often. DSC_3209 DSC03443

He arrived around 12:20 and we began to assemble the makings of a cookout. We grilled hamburgers and along with that we had Grillin Beans, chips and pistachio salad. For dessert we thought strawberry shortcake sounded cool and sweet. We did decide to eat inside today since the temps were heading toward 97 degrees today. A little hot to be comfortable outside.                                      DSC03446

Our little Nick really enjoyed seeing his brother, Josh. Nick and Josh share the same mother and father but at different times. They pretty much grew up together and enjoy being together. Josh is the oldest and you can certainly see the “alpha dog” syndrome with those two. Cody just sits back and lets them have their space. We don’t have grandchildren yet but we sure do enjoy our “grand” dogs.

Mike got a call from Radio Shack that our weather radio that we ordered had come in. We will try to pick it up this afternoon or tomorrow. We finally decided on a Midland 300 and I will let Mike tell you all about it later.

We ended our time together by watching the World Cup and taking a few catnaps. Maybe I should call that a “dognap” since all our dogs were all pretty much laid out in their various places. DSC03451 We all had a great time.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing our journey. Life is Good!!


  1. Sounds like the cookout was a success. How nice that Stephen felt better and could come and visit and bring the "kid". That little Josh is a cutie. Hope your weather begins to cool off soon. Take care.

  2. Isn't it great when we get to see our kids? It' fun to watch them transition from child to adult and to spend time with them now that they are adults.

  3. Nice to see you had such a nice day. Those doggie pics are great!

  4. If that dog's head was any further up that recliner, he'd become part of the mechanism! Josh is the cutest fluffball ever! I can tell you are proud grandparents. My dad only gets the 4 legged kind too. 3 daughters and none of us have chitlins of the human variety. He is not amused!


  5. Isn't it great to have a family day, even the dogs enjoyed it, Cody even looks relaxed, WQish Rigg's would get a little age under his belt and mellow a little, he waits till the last second like a kid before he will nap, then he picks a spot near Dad's feet where he knows he's safe and conks out. We have Adam all this week and then he will be back again the end of next week for our vacation trip. He is really enjoying his staycations with Grandpa, he has several friends and goes swimming everyday. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  6. Josh sure is cute! I know he enjoyed his visit.

    I'm glad you got your weather radio, now make sure you always have it set for the area you are in!

  7. We had thought about getting a weather radio. I would be curious to hear about the one you settled on.

  8. Looks like the cook out was a success and the dogs were worn out also.

    Have a good week and hope cooler weather come's

  9. a great family day..even if it was a couple days later!!..what is pistachio salad???..oh and we love the picture of Cody fast asleep!! you know we are partial to goldens!..have a great day!!

  10. Oh that little Josh is a cutie, begging like that. We have three grandbabies and three grandpuppies! LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. Josh is way too cute! Sounds like you guys had a good cookout

    Stay Safe

  12. We can surely identify with grand dogs. We too do not have any grandchildren but we do have four grand dogs. They are all a treat when they are all together. Gina and I love your blog and appreciate all the comments y'all make on our blog.

    Safe Travels,

    Rollie & Gina


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