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Saturday, July 17, 2010

What is This Blogging Thing

Several of our fellow bloggers have made comments lately regarding blogging. Curious as to why some post create many comments and some don’t seem to conjure up a hint of interest. It’s a puzzlement isn’t it? DSC_3385

Gerri & I originally started writing a blog so our family and friends could follow along with us in our adventures in fulltiming. I know we could have called them and shared our times together, but you couldn’t share the pics as well and it isn’t always convenient for timely phone calls. I confess, some of our family members don’t have a clue what we are doing. We are living “out of the box” and unfortunately for some, that is confusing.                The OLD South Since the inception of our blog, it has evolved into an opportunity for us to get to know other folks by reading their blogs, learning about them and for others to get to know us. I find that very enriching as we each journey through this life together. There are so many things we learn if we will just stop and listen to others, and it is not always about the travel. There are so many of you that we read about, I feel as though we already know you. I can’t wait until our paths cross and we can actually meet face to face and just sit by a campfire and visit. Maybe the common thread is our love of the RV lifestyle and being out in nature; the more simple things in life. Maybe it is the freedom we experience and the realization of getting to know folks instead of the stress and push at work. I don’t know. But there is one thing I do know, our RV friends have become closer to us than the ones we had before in the other world in which we lived. As Carol K said “One thing is for sure, my online RV friends comment way more than my non-RV friends, no matter what the topic!” Carol, I second that! DSC_3370

DSC_3364 So for Gerri & me, our blog is more than just travels. Yes travels are good and we enjoy reading and seeing pics from them, but it is about our life and our experiences in life. No two people are going to see the sunset in the same way. We aren’t working in the marketing department for a large travel agency. We are not on vacation but a journey through life experiencing things, meeting people and learning of their culture. We were reading Cruzin 2 Some and they posted similar thoughts on their blog July 13.  As Ken and Nanette said, “What we have found however is that the reward of taking the time to get to meet these extraordinary people is to expand our horizons and to find a huge element of why we did all of this in the first place.

Oh what an adventure this is!” Amen!

We love reading about what makes you YOU. We learn from you, we grow through you and we claim you as our friends.    



  1. You said it well, Mike and Gerri. I am glad to have new friends, even if if we only talk online. You're right, if and when we meet in person some day, we will be old friends!

    Thanks for mentioning my blog. I am honored to have the two of you as friends!

  2. Having family & home friends not follow or read RV blogs is very common. We have blogged about that in the past as well & wondered why too. What we see, feel, & perceive to be normal, they do not. We all have been where our friends & family are but they have never been or never likely ever will be where we are & that makes it improbable for them to understand the RV lifestyle. Your right.....they just don't get it!!

  3. Totally agree with Al....Our family are the LAST to read our blog...We get great friendship and info from fellow bloggers...But...I blog for my mental health..As I said before...I am a frustrated writer...I just feel better when I blog..and if some of you enjoy and want to come much the better...Thanks to those of you who do ..but I will write no matter how many followers we have...

  4. what a 'can of blogging worms' you have opened up.!..I agree with all the comments..some people just don't understand the 'RV lifestyle thing' day we too will be out there in RV land...and we know that the blogging friends we have accumulated will be like 'old friends' when we do finally meet face to face..why do I blog?..well, I use to be a scrapbooker..too heavy to bring all the albums so the scrapbooking stopped and the blogging was started..and yes I do feel better once I 'hit the keys'..and click 'publish'...sometimes I get no comments but thats okay..its not about the comments..its about documenting our journey!..'if you blog they will read..eventually!!..thanks for being out there!!

  5. Love that old house with chimney still standing.
    Just like us bloggers: "Still crazy after all these years."

    Hope we get to meet sometime. :)

  6. Great explanation of why most of us write blogs!

  7. I just don't know what to say because you said it perfect. I feel like I already know you and Gerri. Gina and I cannot wait to meet y'all. Safe travels on your way to the Black Hills soon.

    Rollie & Gina

  8. So glad RVing brought you into our lives. :)

  9. We love reading your blog each and every day. We may not always comment but you are a part of our lives and such a great resource for information.

    Thanks so much!

    Carol and John

  10. I always enjoy your comments on my Blog and thank you for reading it.. Blogging has brought me close to many people. Several I have met and I look forward to meeting you guys....

  11. Hi Mike and Gerri: I was offline for 24 hours so I am slow getting caught up on reading all of my blogs.

    This is a great post and one, I see from the comments, that has garnered a lot of interest. Like a lot of folks out there, I love to read the travel stories and see all the wonderful photos people post. It gives us ideas on where we may like to go next. However, the best posts are the ones about the author's life. Where they live, how they live, their family, their hobbies and so on. I also find that I tune into the blogs of the "frequent writer's" more often than the ones that post every 3 or 4 weeks. I do begin to lose interest in some that rarely post anything. Even a post 2 or 3 times a week is good.

    I enjoy reading about your visits with Stephen and your time there at the campground. It is all interesting and wonderful to me. Keep up the great work!

    Enjoy the week ahead.

  12. Thanks for reading our blog. We all have a common interest, RVing. Because of our blog we have made many new friends and learned a lot about fulltiming. We have gained so much knowledge by reading the blogs others write.

    Stay Safe

  13. Well, I love my blog because people like you have become "regulars" and I feel like you are a new group of friends. I'm not so sure i would blog regularly if nobody read it. I would just make Jonathan suffer through my insanity ;) in summary....I love you guys and the time you take to stop and visit me every day!



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