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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just Good to be Here



                                      McCosh Grist Mill taken February 2011

Gerri and I had heard of about an old grist mill in Alabama and decided we wanted to go see it.  It was built near the turn of the 19th century by slaves and in 1976 was added to the National Register of Historic Places  in November 21, 1976.  So I Googled the location and we set out on a day trip adventure.  We drove about 30 miles out in the “country” as the smooth pavement we were on turned into a rough pavement.  A few miles further it turned to gravel.  We started wondering hmmm, where the heck is this taking us.  Soon the gravel turned into a single lane dirt/mud road surrounded on both sides by trees and no trespassing signs..  NOW we were a little concerned…is this the way, did we get lost, and even, how safe is this?


About the time we were thinking of turning around??, a car came up behind us.  I stopped and asked them where the grist mill was and they said just up ahead, so we let them in front of us and we followed.  What the heck am I doing, we are out in the middle of NOWHERE following 2 young guys drinking beer and we don’t know anything about them.

Well, we got there to find the old mill had burned to the ground a few months ago and all was that left was a few rock frames.   DSC_4937

We got out of the car and did some exploring while the 2 young guys got out and jumped into the large creek and went swimming.  After we explored for a while and took some pics of the area,




we eased our way to the car and started our way out.  As we were leaving, two truck loads of young guys veered off the mud road to get past us.  Being a friendly sorta fellow, I waved as they passed, but they didn’t seem to appreciate our being there.  I guess there was a swimming party to be had, after all, it is very hot out.

I can honestly say, we were glad to see the paved road again and be back in civilization.  We did enjoy the exploration and seeing the area where the old mill was.  I guess we both had thoughts about the movie “Deliverance”….just no banjo picking.


  1. and no 'squealin'!!..good for the two of you for being so adventurous!..too bad that the grist mill burnt down!

  2. It seems you were definitely intruding on a party that adults were not invited to. Should have had a sign up saying that the mill had burned long before you drove all that way. Makes you wonder about that fire.

  3. That was kind of a close call! Glad you are safe and sound and back on pavement. There will be other grist mills, including one near us in Washington if you want to come up and see it!

  4. Wouldn't be surprised if young boys drinking beer had something to do with the old Grist Mill burning down.

  5. They were probably just good old Alabama country boys and perfectly harmless, but I would have had thoughts of Deliverance too! It's too bad the Grist mill had burned down, but at least you found it and got out safely. I hate those trips on those narrow dirt roads.

  6. Glad all turned out well for you two. I kept thinking as I read your post that this is something Ellie and I would have done too. That is, hearing about some old/historical thing and heading off into parts unknown to find it and explore. Many of our adventures have turned into questionable episodes and we frequently wonder about the “what ifs” and “wise ness” of our explorations.

    From your photos, it appears the structure was built from native materials and was situated along the river for their source of power. Wondering if you could figure out and/or see where the water would have been funneled into the mill and where the water wheel would have been? I also wonder what they milled and how the “stuff” was transported to/from the mill.


  7. Funny - I had the same thought as I was reading the post - Burt Reynolds and all!

  8. One of life's little adventures for sure!

  9. Looks great! Finding a swimming hole this week is an extra bonus.

    ~ The Tuckerbag ~

  10. How sad about the mill burning down and how scary running into a bunch of young guys drinking way out in the midle of the woods... Glad you made it out safe!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  11. All this speculation is just 'Grist for the Mill' - sorry, I couldn't resist!!!!!!

  12. Isn't it sad at how suspicious we have become?? Unfortunately that is a sign of the times....I had to giggle when you mentioned the movie Deliverance..I was thinking the exact same thing. Cue "Dueling Banjos"!!!

  13. What a bummer that the mill had burned down, but it was still a nice adventure. Beautiful scenery.

  14. On the up side - you got some great pictures!

    BTW, did you notice if the guys have swimsuits? Just wondering..... Could have been even more interesting pictures.


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