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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dead Pine Tree, and We are the Winners



About six months ago, unbeknown to us, lightning struck a very tall pine tree (about 125’) on our property. This tree was on the side yard….thank goodness! We hated to ask anybody to cut this tree down in this horrible heat wave but dead trees just don’t like to wait. So this morning, very early, the tree company showed up to take it down. In order to do this deed the electric company had to disconnect the electrical wires along with the cable lines going to the house. So for about two hours we were without power. I would complain but I stood outside and watched these men do their job and realized how much hotter they were than me. Heat index was 105 by the time they were through cutting and cleaning up.  Even with a “Because the tree was dead….very dead…. taking it down was a little tricky. The main man could not climb the tree so each limb had to be tied and dropped.




 As luck would have it they hit a few of the bushes below the tree so now we have a very ugly hole! Oh well, it will grow back and the tree could have caused lots of damage if left to fall on its own.



Yesterday, Sue, from Big Dawg and Freeway, contacted me to check out their latest blog entry. I always read her blog….love Sue’s writing and views!! So being a little more curious than usual I jumped right over and found out that she had hit a monumental point in her blogging…..her 3000th comment and guess who that was???? You got it right…it was me!! I am very honored to be that 3000 person to leave a comment on her fantastic blog. We have been following Sue and Doug’s blog for quite a long time and have enjoyed getting to know them (along with Tucker of course). It still amazes me how close you become to fellow bloggers. Mike and I are proud to call them our friends and hope one day to meet in person. We will sit down and begin talking as if we have known each other for years. That is just the way it is with fellow Rv’ers and bloggers.

I read on Sue’s blog today that she has mailed a special 3000th comment “Canadian Prize Pack” to us and we are excited to see what Sue has sent our way. We will let you know as soon as it arrives. Wow! Feels just like Christmas!!


  1. So you're the winners!! Congratulations! What fun we have here in blogville.

    Good thing you got that tree down. We know from experience how UNfun it is when trees decide to do their own thing.

  2. Congratulations on the big win and on the safe removal of the dead tree. Stay cool!

  3. Trees falling from the sky in Georgia!..who would have thought!..and you are a winner in my book that is for sure..mailed the package this afternoon..they 'said' it should be there within 4- 6 business days! only has to travel 2800 mile via the pony express!!

  4. Love it that you two won the Canadian Bonanza...You have been following Sue's blog a long time....Good idea to have the tree could have caused some serious damage coming down on it's own!!

  5. Reading your tree story made me remember a news report tonight. Did you ever see the Shawshank Redemption? Fabulous, fabulous movie. A tree plays a very large part in the movie and it was destroyed by a large storm that went through and also had to be taken down.

    Congrats on winning. Really curious as to what the prize is. I really like their blog also. In fact, I enjoy reading everybody's blog. Wish there was more time in a day to read even more.

  6. I always hate to see any tree taken down; dead or alive as they are so important to wildlife. But, you have to do what you have to do...

  7. This comment is from Mike & Pat McFall:
    I still can't comment on your Blog...just tried and its back to sign in time after time....Sorry!!
    Can't wait to find out what you won! Thanks for commenting on my Blog.......

    Mike and Pat McFall
    PressurePro and PowerTank Dealers
    Mike and Pat's Adventures
    Follow Our Blog

  8. Congrats on being the big winners! Glad you got the tree down without a lot of damage.

  9. Smart move having the tree taken down as it would probably have been blown over in a future storm and caused a lot of damage.

  10. Didn't she knit some really neat mittens as a prize last winter? I'm looking forward to hearing about what she is sending you.

  11. Living in a Pine forest ourselves we know only to well the trials & tribulations of having to get a tree down now & again & the resulting damage that can cause to the landscaping below.

  12. Wow, congratulations on being the big winner! Happy to see that the tree came down without too many difficulties. From your photos, it appears that you have many beautiful southern pines on your property. Hopefully the others will remain alive and well, they add so much to the environment.


  13. What a job taking down that huge tree. I know you'll sleep better knowing its not going to fall on you!

    Can't wait to see your "winnings."

  14. Isn't it sad when a tree dies... Congreats on your winning Sues prize... I can't wait to hear what neat things she sends you!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe


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