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Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Birthday Celebration


A quick entry today!!   Yesterday was Mike’s birthday and in our family we really celebrate birthdays… matter how old you might be.    I got that tradition from my mother and carried it on throughout my career as an early childhood teacher and of course, most importantly, wife and mother!!   Birthdays are to be celebrated!!   So yesterday we had the best part of the celebration…..THE CAKE. 




We have decided to break from the traditional birthday cakes and go with the “decadent cakes” at Publix.  We have tried several different flavors so yesterday Mike chose the “Midnight Fudge Fantasy.”  You guessed it….pure chocolate.  Oh well, you only celebrate this special occasion once a year. 

Today, Saturday, we will continue the celebration with lunch together.  We waited until today because Stephen is off on Saturdays and can join us.  The birthday person always gets to choose his/her favorite place to eat.  Mike chose The Mellow Mushroom.  So the three of us journeyed to Peachtree City, which is about 35 miles from here, to enjoy a wonderful, delicious pizza.  As usual, it did not disappoint.



Since The Mellow Mushroom is located quite close to Wild Birds Unlimited we decided to stop by and purchase another bag of food and a seed cylinder for our feathered friends.  A stop at Barnes & Noble, Belk Department Store and Target and we were on our way home. 


Good food, good fun and good fellowship…..Happy Birthday, Mike!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Mike!!!! Good choice on the cake.

  2. Did Mike get that stuck in the mud boat as a present? :)

  3. Happy Birthday Mike! You must be really special to rate that decadent-looking cake!

  4. Yummers! I'm glad that Mike celebrated his birthday in style!

  5. Happy belated birthday to Mike! That cake looks like a great way to celebrate. (I think I want some chocolate now.)

  6. Happy belated Birthday-hope you enjoyed the cake!

  7. Happy Birthday Mike - great looking cake but doesn't it need just a few more candles?

  8. Happy Birthday, Mike! What a great looking cake!

  9. Happy belated birthday Mike! The cake looked delicious!!

  10. Another belated happy birthday coming to Mike from us. Oh my, that cake!

  11. WOW wish we were closer so we could have a piece of that yummy cake....
    ♬ •♩ •.•´¯`•.•♭•♪ Happy Birthday to you Mike♪ •♭•.•´¯`•.•♩ •♬
    Have fun

  12. Happy Birthday, Mike! Looks like a nice, fun day. :)

    I love your header photo.

  13. happy belated birthday Mike!!! the cake looked yummy!!!

  14. This comment is from Mike & Pat McFall:

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope google lets me write on your Blog this time!! I don't eat cake, but I might have made an exception for that one!

    Mike and Pat McFall
    PressurePro and PowerTank Dealers
    Mike and Pat's Adventures
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  15. Keep those birthday's coming. That cake makes my mouth water it looks so good. Happy Birthday, Mike.

  16. A Happy belated Birthday to you...

  17. Happy Birthday, Mike - that really is some cake!


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