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Monday, September 5, 2011

Hummer Wars


Hummingbird wars!!  Yes, we have been the host home for some truly territorial wars lately.  We have the best seat in the house….literally!  We are able to view four hummingbird feeders from our sunroom.  The other feeder can be viewed from the dining room. 



It seems arial hummingbird combat is pretty high right now and most likely will continue until the middle of September.  At this time they will begin to realize that migration is about to begin.  They will need all the food they have been eating to be stored as energy for this long journey to Mexico and South America.  They don’t need to be wasting all their energy dive bombing each other.  At this time they will begin to settle down and feed more peacefully with each other.  A few weeks after this occurs most all of these fascinating birds will be gone until late March when they will once again ready themselves for another migration. 






Needless to say these little birds are very territorial.  We have been especially fascinated by one little Ruby-throated Hummingbird that seems to enjoy sitting on top of the pole the feeder is attached to.  He sits on the very top and stands guard over the feeder.  Whenever another hummer attempts to eat from the feeder he dive bombs and chases that hummer off.  Every now and then he allows a particular hummer to eat from the feeder and at times he sips from the sweet nectar himself….perks of the job. 


Do we know this is a male?  No, actually both the male and/or the female can defend a feeder (after breeding season is over).  In fact, several different hummers may take turns defending the feeder during a day.   It does appear that this particular hummer really likes to perch on top so he can observe his domain a little better. 


At times we have observed as many as 15 Hummingbirds flying around on the patio waiting turns to sip from the feeders.  They do chase each other off but they continue to swarm waiting turns to slip in for some food.  Even as it is pouring rain, he still sits on the pole and guards his food…. Nature at its best!! 


  1. Great pictures of the battlefield:) Seeing the title, I was expecting something to do with big vehicles.

  2. Nice photos! Ours were a little late arriving this year - not sure why.

    My husband always jokes that they fight so much it's amazing that they ever mate!

  3. I love hummingbirds! I used to have several feeders at my home in Arizona. Maybe I should get another one here in Florida. Hummingbirds are always entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

  4. great 'war zone' shots!!..hummingbirds are fascinating!!..have fun watching the show..soon the 'little guys' will be heading south for the winter!!

  5. Happy belated birthday Mike. I love watching hummingbirds and would love the experience of capturing some photos like yours! Thanks for dropping by A Camp Host's Meanderings and leaving comments the past month while we were on our North Carolina Odyssey. Happy Trails to you too! Levonne

  6. What a great sunroom you must have to be able to watch all that activity. Hummingbirds are just amazing little creatures. I've enjoyed watching them since I was a kid and we had feeders on our deck. Great pictures!

  7. Methinks those hummers like what you are serving. Great pictures!

  8. You caught some great pictures. We have year round hummingbirds here in the Seattle area, but I haven't seen any for awhile, so I've been wondering where they are. I have some territorial ones, too, but not lately.

  9. Anyone who thinks hummers are shy sweet little birds has never had a feeder! I believe one of the Aztec war gods was depicted as a humming bird. Love to watch them. Have you ever been outside wearing a red shirt at a time like this? It's great fun. They think you are a big feeder.

  10. Here I thought you'd gone all crazy and bought a Hummer auto!!!

  11. Yes they are great to watch. Rufas are real bad at chasing off other hummers. They won't let them even go to other feeders. I tool lots of pictures of them last summer by removing the screen from the window. Enjoy them before they take off.

  12. Great Hummer shots! At least with Ruby throated you can get several in one picture, despite their fighting for territory! Anna's in the west will only allow one at the feeder. I love the Rufous, a copper jewel! Thanks for sharing!

  13. LOVE your photos today... GREAT shots of those little warriors. I always laugh that they will not allow other to feed from the feeders... I can watch them for hours. I love your feeder with the clear bottom where did you find that?
    Have fun watching the birds

  14. We have some here too, but not as many as you do...I hate to see them leave!

  15. Great Hummin-Bird Pics. When we had our place in East Texas we had feeders out everywhere. Constantly refilling them. What kind of camera do you use?
    B.W. & Carol Happy-Trails,Tales,& Tails


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