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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Tiny Relapse



A tiny relapse! Just when you think it's safe to say Nick is doing better..... It seems he was feeling so much better yesterday that he walked on the carpet area too much and visited with his girl friend Casey too much, and today is not quite as good.


Since he was feeling puny this morning wee took him for another "treatment" and he is resting quietly and calmly on his carpet WITHOUT his girlfriend nearby. Poor guy!! He just loves to play and follow her around.

Since I had not heard of chiropractic for dogs nor laser treatments, we talked with the vet and also googled information about it. It seems that “Low Level Laser Therapy stimulates tissue repair through a process of PhotoBioStimulation. Light travels as bundles of energy called Photons. This allows the light to penetrate the surface of the skin without any heating effects or damage to the skin. Photons will only be absorbed by the cells that need help.  They normalize injured tissue by activating enzymes.  The enzymes trigger chemical reactions in the cells, supplying energy for the cells to take in nutrients and dispose of waste products faster.  This promotes natural healing and pain relief.” This above information is from the site and this tells a lot about laser treatments for dogs.

The other treatment Nick gets is chiropractic and I put this you tube link in if you are interested in what it is.

This treatment is also called VOM and information on that can be found on the site below. For me it is easier to link you to the information rather than try to explain it.

Anyway, if Nick continues to improve he won’t see the vet until Monday…hope that is the case.  Technologically improved medicine sure is costly, but little Nick is very much worth it!

Thanks for letting us share with you about our four legged family member.


  1. We certainly understand that our furkids are worth every penny. Hope Nick continues to make progress.

  2. Thanks for that chiropractic video. I am going to try some of that on Scooter's back. She's been feeling really good but at any moment she could twist just wrong and not be able to move. It usually takes her about two weeks to start feeling good again. They are definitely worth the expense and time and care. Lots of hugs and slurpy tongues for Nick.

  3. Sorry Nick isn't feeling better, Mike and Geri. My Jack recently had chiropractic adjustments and laser treatments. If you would like to read about our experience you can read here. He was adjusted in the exam room as well as in the pool. There's also a medication that the vet suggested. I was able to buy it on Amazon for less money. Jack is good as new since his treatments and exercises. If you have any questions feel free to email me at . Good luck to Nick.


  4. here is hoping that Nick is slowly getting day at a time!!

  5. Awww...poor Nick. It sounds like he is getting excellent care.

  6. You sure are good "parents" to little Nick.

  7. Isn't it funny how we humans complain about the cost of OUR medical care...but it's no holds barred for our furry companions..I think this is very telling of how much company they are and how they give us unconditional love....Best karma to Nick..

  8. Loved the picture of Nick although he's lookin' a little sad.

    Hey..if chiropractic care works for us...why not for dogs? Interesting information on how laser treatments work.

    So glad you have cutting edge care for Nick. BTW...meant to tell you that Lora's Fiona was ravenously hungry while on Prednisone in addition to having to go to the bathroom so often.

  9. sorry to see hes had a tiny relapse-with the wonderful care and treatment he is getting it won't be long now and he will be right as rain...and yes they are worth every penny we spend on them....

  10. Those relapses can be discouraging. Hope Nick is doing OK.....

  11. Poor little one. He looks so sad but hopefully will bounce back very quickly.
    I love your header photo. Just beautiful.

  12. I hope Nick gets well soon. Fred being a doxie worries me sick jumping down off the furniture here at the Tin Can Cabin as it is very high compared to our other home. He knows he shouldn't be up there so when he hears me he gets down but has the most guilty look on his face and have to laugh.

  13. I sure hope the little fella is feeling better now... Our girlie is not doing well either and has bad & good days. So hard on all! Big hugs to Nick and you!

  14. The picture of the church used as the intro to your page shows the beauty and craftmanship we are capable of creating... Your pictures are creating a legacy for us all and a reminder to always do our best.


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