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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sharing Callaway with a Fellow Blogger

A few days ago we received an email from Judy (Travels with Emma) that she was going to be in the area and wanted to get together and meet each other. We all decided that meeting at Callaway Gardens would make for an exciting day.


We arrived as the Gardens opened up and the weather was still pleasantly cool. We were in the lobby of The Discovery Center and recognized Judy as she walked toward the building…it was the perfect time for greeting hugs. Conversation flowed easily as it often does with fellow bloggers.

After walking around the Center, we decided it might be easier to take Judy on the driving tour and short walks since her back was giving her some problems. It was a joy for us to share the Gardens with Judy. Our first stop was at Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center (founder of Days Inn of America).

            Judy Blog1



We walked through the center and saw many different butterflies and even had one light on the shoulder of this young lady (Judy )


Our next stop was the Callaway Chapel nestled in the woods right in front of a lake. This is such a serene place and always a joy to come experience this each time. On our drive to the Chapel, we passed this coyote browsing around and couldn’t resist getting his picture.



Ten years before his death, Cason Callaway planned the Chapel and spent many days walking the land looking for the perfect place to build it. He found that special spot and finalized the plans just one week before his death.



We next toured the Sibley Horticultural Center. This indoor and outdoor garden area flows together in a natural flow from inside to outside covering 5 acres of native and exotic plants.



On our way to Mr. Cason’s Vegetable Garden, we passed Robin Lake Beach where The Master’s Water Ski Championship tournament will be held this weekend. This garden is the Southern setting for the PBS show, The Victory Garden. Fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers are all grown here.





After our tour of the Victory Garden, we headed back to our beginning point and decided to go into Pine Mountain and eat at a local restaurant called The Whistling Pig. They make their hamburgers fresh and they also have some good barbecue and other local favorites on the menu from which to choose. When we finished and visited a little more, it was time to go. We enjoyed our time visiting with Judy and really enjoyed the opportunity to share Callaway Gardens with her. We gave our see you later hugs and thought how nice it was to meet and spend time with a blogger with whom we have communicated with over the past couple of years. Thanks for letting us “show you aroundJudy.


  1. Nice post! Looks like you had a very nice time with Judy whom we had the pleasure of meeting Judy in Mississippi. Love the pictures!

  2. It's so neat when bloggers meet..We have met a few and hope to meet many more...A great time, and that place looks fabulous!

  3. My thanks again for a great tour! :)

  4. I'm so glad that you were able to meet Judy, a fellow blogger and birder. What a great place Callaway Gardens looks like!

  5. Great tour and lucky you all could get together:)

  6. Its so much fun when bloggers meet :)..looks like you had a wonderful visit with Callaway Gardens...looks great!!

  7. Glad I follow both of you. You each showed something different about the visit. Great tour! Thanks.

  8. so nice that you were able to meet up with Judy!..the two of you are the perfect tour guides for Callaway Gardens..and how nice to see it through 'new eyes'!

  9. Callaway looks like a wonderful place to meet up with a fellow blogger. I love the lion topiary!


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