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Our Friends

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Special Friends


This week we had special friends stop by for an overnight visit. Randy and Terry Guiler parked at Cracker Barrel and we picked them up to visit and eat supper with us on their travel day. As soon as we arrived, there were big hugs and much laughter. We picked up where we left off a year ago as though we hadn’t missed a day. That’s what good friends do.


When we got to the house, we visited for a while and then sat down to a good old fashion barbecue dinner. We all filled ourselves and then prematurely celebrated Terry’s birthday with a song and cake. After dinner we sat and talked and laughed until about 10:15pm…time moves fast when you’re with good friends catching up on what’s been going on. So we took them back to their fiver and told them we would meet them the next morning for a Cracker Barrel breakfast…yum!

                    Breakfast with Mike & Gerri_thumb[2]

When we got their Randy and Terry were already inside sipping coffee. After a long breakfast and more visiting, we did our see you later hugs and shed some tears. It is always grand seeing and visiting friends and even more grand that you can pick up as if you hadn’t missed a beat.

Gerri & I so enjoyed our time visiting with Randy and Terry and thank them for stopping by on their travels.


  1. sounds like a good visit!!!..friends for life! fortunate you are to meet people and have such a connection!

  2. Life is full of wonderful surprises.

  3. Nothing better than good friends sharing good food:)

  4. We loved spending time with you!! There's never a lack of conversation or laughter, is there, with us? :) And it was so sweet of you to celebrate my birthday. We love you!

  5. Life throws us some great memories, doesn't it?

    Lucky the Cracker Barrel had room for their rig. We've often found the sites are too short OR someone who doesn't like to get their car "dinged" is parked in an RV site leaving no room for RVers to park.

  6. Picking up right where you left off is the best part of meeting with friends! Glad you all had a good time!

  7. Visiting with good friends is good...and even better at Cracker Barrel!

  8. A visit with good friends AND breakfast at Cracker Barrel..YOU HIT PAY DIRT!!

  9. Always great catching up with friends....
    Have fun

  10. There truly isn't anything much better than a good visit with good friends! Happy Mother's Day and stay safe out there...


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