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Our Friends

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Life Well Lived…and Loved



Fourteen and a half years ago Cody came into our lives and boy did he ever make his way into our hearts.  We remember our 4 hour drive to Dublin, Georgia to pick him up as an 8 week old puppy.  We had recently traveled to Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado and Montana and decided to name him after the town of Cody Wyoming.  As he grew, all he wanted to do is to sit on the sofa with us or even work his way into our lap.  Needless to say, as he got much bigger, the lap didn’t work.


Cody wasn’t a Golden that liked to go fetch or retrieve items, but he did like to play in the yard and roll around on his back.  When he was full-grown, we put him in our fenced in backyard so he could be out and about safely.  He truly loved outdoors when we were at work, and loved spending time with us when would get home.


When Gerri and I went fulltime, Cody made such a great transition from being in the yard to living in our motorhome with us.  Even though the bedroom was small, he would always sleep at the base of the bed on my side or Gerri’s…or even share both bedsides with us.  He was such a grand “fulltime” Golden rv’er.  When we spent the winter at an Escapees park in Summerdale, Alabama, Cody had the time of his life there.  We stayed in a friends backyard and Cody make himself at home with the birdbath…thinking the water was for him.


When we came off the road, Cody stayed in the house with us from then on.  He would be with us wherever we found ourselves in the house.  He loved to walk with us and each night we would go on a walk through the neighborhood and he was so happy.

Wednesday night, Cody had a seizure that lasted 2 hours, and I think he may have also had a stroke.  We gave him Phenobarbital to end the seizure, but Cody never really recuperated. Our vet recommended giving him a few days to see if he would improve, so Gerri and I kept food in him and got water into his system.  This morning we went to talk to our vet about Cody.  When we explained his condition 5 days after his problem, he suggested it was time.  Even though we knew it, it still hurt.  Cody was a part of our family!!!

Our vet came to our home and helped us take that step for Cody and we said our Good-byes to our friend and family member.  Cody epitomized everything about a Golden, he was our friend, family member and a grand companion.  He gave us as much love as we gave him!

Rest In Peace my friend, you so well deserve it!  We Love You!



  1. My heart aches for your loss of your wonderful friend. Cody - hope you find lots of bird baths over the Rainbow Bridge.

  2. Oh, what a heart breaking post. It's so hard to lose a pet we truly love. We've been through it five times in our life, and it's never been easy. May you find peace of mind in the great memories he gave you.

  3. We are so heartbroken over your lose. My tears are flowing freely for you two. What a beautiful friend Cody was. You are so blessed that your Vet went to your home.
    We, too, had a Golden. She was 13. One day she just didn't get up. Paul carried her to the truck and into the Vet's office. He said that Paul could take her home for me to say good bye. Paul said that would be too much for me. He stayed with Sheba while she went to sleep.
    Our prayers are for you both for comfort and peace. Remember all the wonderful adventures you had with Cody and awesome love and fun he brought to your lives.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss of Cody, Mike and Gerri. :-(

  5. Cody was very blessed to have you in his life...Dogs give sooo much to us and they do it unconditionally...Sympathy to you ..and ...Cody is romping somewhere knowing his humans were such a great blessing...

  6. So so very sorry. We know all too well how that feels. Glad that your vet came to the house. Ours did too and we appreciated it. Your golden boy was just beautiful and I'm glad you got to have him in your life for 14.5 years. That's a good long life, but still it is never easy to say good bye. May God give you peace and comfort as you remember Cody.

  7. I'm so very sorry for the loss of your best friend Cody. I too know what it's like to loose such a good friend. They worm their way into our hearts and they stay there, forever. Cody was well loved and he loved back. Remember all the good, fun times and in time your hurt will diminish but your heart will always have a spot that is for Cody alone.

  8. I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your wonderful boy Cody. Goldens can sure worm their way into your hearts.

  9. So sorry for you loss. Cody's story brought tears to my eyes.

  10. My heart and thoughts are with you on the passing of Cody. It is so difficult to part with such a beloved family member. You gave him that final gift of love . . . release and permission to go on ahead. He'll be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge . . .

  11. I so sorry for your loss of such a beautiful friend and companion.

    And so glad you were blessed to enjoy him for 14 sweet years. :)

  12. Cody was an absolutely beautiful boy, and was obviously well loved. Although we always love our pets, some of them just fit better into the family, and it sounds like Cody was one of those dogs. I'm glad he gave you so much pleasure and company, and that he was well taken care of. I hope you'll be able to remember all the good times and not be too sad. God bless you.

  13. So sorry to hear about Cody....He was blessed to have you two as family.....May the Great Memories help to heal your pain...Horst sends

  14. Golden retrievers are such wonderful animals. Your lives were richer because Cody shared it. Condolences.

  15. We're so sorry to hear about your loss. Cody sounds like the perfect pal & companion. Our pets never really leave us but live on in our hearts. He was a beautiful dog & a sweet dear soul.


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