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Sunday, June 15, 2014

We Now Have an Awning

When we purchased our Casita it did not have an awning.  Many Casita owners choose to leave the awning off when purchasing their new Casitas.  When you purchase a pre-owned Casita you take what you get and adjust or correct.  After almost a year without an awning we've decided to correct. 



The Casita is a different type of camper in that it has an all fiberglass curved shell design which makes installing an awning a tad tricky.  You have to use specially designed brackets from the Casita manufacturer when doing the install.  We could have made the trip to Rice, Texas to have this done but that is a long, hot trip for this time of year.  If it had been a different season we probably would have made the trip.  It would be fun to visit the factory. It is always fun to see how your rig is made and visit the "mother ship."

Several weeks ago we purchased our awning from Fiamma in Florida.  It is an encased awning which measures 10ft wide and extends out 8 ft.  This will enable us to have a defined patio area.  We have discovered that in the Casita we do so much more outdoor living.  We love sitting out, cooking out and just enjoying being wherever we happen to be.  Along with the awning we also have a screen room by Paha Que. 



So who is installing our awning?  Coachcraft by McDonald in Columbus, Georgia. We have had them work on our former Dutch Star a few years ago and they do an excellent job.  They service Bluebird motorhomes among other high end rigs.  They have talked with Victor, the main service man with Casita, and he has sent them detailed instructions on the installation. 

We delivered our Casita to Coachcraft on Wednesday morning and picked her back up on Thursday afternoon.  They had to move this Wonderlodge out of the shop so they could squeeze our Casita in the shop. 



She now has her awning all completely and correctly installed.  We are looking forward to taking her out and seeing how this new "patio" shapes up.  Thanks Coachcraft!!!


On a side note....with all the big rigs in the shop it seems everyone was curious about our little "egg."  Even one customer of a Bluebird asked lots of questions about the Casita and wanted to look inside.  When I asked if he wanted to trade I didn't get an affirmative answer but I bet he would trade our fuel costs. 


  1. Fantastic. You are going to love that awning!

  2. We use our awning lots..It's like having a front porch (which we do at home) and we sit under it every day....

  3. Most people love their awnings and put them up to sit under. That's going to be really nice for you. :)

  4. nice new addition to your 'egg'!!
    hope the new covered patio brings you many happy 'sitting sessions'!

  5. I think the awing looks great. You need to show us a photo withit out.

  6. That awning makes such a difference. I know you will love it! Glad you found someone who got in touch with Casita about how to do it right, too.

    I'm curious about the screen room, too. A bug-free patio! :)

  7. awning! lv cover pic of the dock, darn i miss that spot!!

  8. Friends of ours have a Casita. They love it. And well they should - they fulltimed for one year driving a Prius towing one of those motorcycle type rigs that open up to a bed. Hardy souls. Both big people. They showed us their Casita and we took turns checking it out. From what they had to what they now have, they feel they have moved to a mansion.

    Great that you are getting the awning and screen room. Will add so much living space.

  9. Good on you Guys...Let us see a couple photos on the screen room when you get it all set up...sure will be a nice addition...Have a super week...Horst sends


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