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Monday, June 30, 2014

A Little Sneezy



Notice this Red Bellied Woodpecker beginning flight to our feeder.

For the past several months our boy Shih Tzu, Nick, has been driving us (and himself) crazy with this constant sneezing.  We took him to our Vet several times and each time he thought it was allergies.  So he was treated for allergies by taking a small dose of Benedryl.  I washed everything in "dye free, perfume free" detergent, put a new mattress pad on the bed and even changed the rug in our bedroom and front room.  It seems the worse time for sneezing was around 2:30 a.m.......yes, you read that right, 2:30.  He would sneeze and then walk the bed.  Yes, you read that right, too!!!  He sleeps with us.  The interesting thing is that when he went camping with us he was much, much better.  So you can see why we all thought he had an allergy to something....but what??? 


He had a terrible sneezing spell on a Thursday afternoon, the afternoon our Vet was closed, so we took him to another Vet in town.  They work together when one is off or on vacation.  We both thought a fresh pair of eyes might be helpful.  On a whim I asked him if his teeth, or a tooth, could be the problem??  He took a look and noticed very quickly that he had great need of teeth cleaning but then on further observation he noticed one tooth that was loose.  He said it could have something to do with the sneezing because the root goes way up into the sinus cavity.  We returned to our Vet the next day and sure enough this tooth needed to come out and the others cleaned.  Tuesday we took Nick to have this work done.  Today is Saturday and he hasn't had one sneezing spell.  He has slept through the night....and so have we!!!!  He seems so much happier and playful.  It would be so nice if our pets could tell us what hurts them.  I am so glad the mystery is solved.



Nick made a few poses for the camera so you would get to know him.

There has not been much going on around our house lately.  Mike continues to paint but now he is down to just the trim part and the front door.  We had vinyl windows installed so at least they don't need painting.  The end is in sight!!


We took this pic at Gulf Shores and this lone boat made for a good setting in the ocean.

We haven't been out in the camper lately.  Several reasons, one of which is the weather.  Just very hot lately.  I know we could head north but right now we are here due to having my blood tested every week.  I was diagnosed with Factor Five Leiden Mutation (homozygeous) last December.  I will write more about that lovely blood disorder later but long story short....I'm on Warfarin.  With this anticoagulant you have to be in a "therapeutic range" and I have not reach it consistently yet.  So the lab has to test my blood, INR count, every week.  Last Wednesday it was very high (for me) at 3.4.  We are working on bringing it down to around 2.0 to 2.3. 


I was able to get a pic of this Cardinal on our back walkway.  He had a bite of food in his mouth.

As soon as I am "turned loose" we will get back out camping.  We can't wait to try out our new awning and take some pics of it. 

With the Fourth of July approaching we wish each of you a safe holiday!!  Enjoy the fireworks and the gatherings of family or friends.  To all our full-time friends we wish you patients as the campgrounds fill up with crazy "weekenders."  Just remember....this too shall pass!!  Have a great 4th!!



  1. Hubby has blood clot in leg so has been on Warfarin over a year. Know all about getting those numbers in agreement. But once there, easy enough to keep them at the right level.

  2. That's so strange about your dog's tooth - how lucky it was diagnosed. I would never have suspected that. Such a cutie-pie! I'm glad he's better now and not sneezing any more. :)

  3. I loved meeting little Nick. So glad his sneezing problem was diagnosed and treated.

    Also loved your bird photos.

    Sure hope they get your meds right soon so you can fly the coop. :)

  4. This "getting older" stuff is tolerable, but just barely, right? Oh well...keep track of the blood work and get back to camping!

  5. Awesome photos....really like the header photo...sorry to here about the health D2 said "this getting older stuff" sucks!!! times ....have a great and safe Independence Day...and may your next camping journey start SOON...Horst sends


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