Sometimes we look at sights in nature but don't really see. While hiking in the woods the other day, it became a realization that we need to open our heart and eyes to see the beauty of the simple things in nature with each season. There is so much order and purpose in His creation. God has given us awesome beauty in this world to see and enjoy... if we would but stop to see and feel it. Join us as this blog is about stopping to see the real beauty around touch and feel it... "Through the Lens".

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Monday, July 28, 2014

James Floyd State Park


Tonight we are in Summerville, Georgia which is about 20 miles north of Rome, Georgia.  We are on our way to visit some very special folks...Darrell and Judy Patterson.  We are so excited because it has been way too long since we were together.  In fact, it was back when they were on their ERPU lot at Rainbow Plantation.  Since that time they have purchased a home in the gorgeous Cumberland Plateau area of Crossville, Tennessee. 



Our first night we stopped a little more than half way at this gorgeous state park.  This is a definite place to return to and spend some time.  The campsites are large, nicely spaced and extremely clean.  The bathhouse is on the older side but just as clean.  We are sitting on our patio listening to the frogs and crickets and it just doesn't get much better.  This is definitely an "it" place but more than has found my "sweet spot." 



I will stop talking and just let you see some of the sights around James "Sloppy" Floyd State Park.  Enjoy the tour!








  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful park! Have a wonderful trip!

  2. sister lives in Baxter. That's some beautiful country around there....have fun!!

  3. That is definitely a beautiful park. Georgia has some winners.

  4. Gorgeous. It reminds me of a COE park.

    Your site is amazing. I love the patio. Someone looks like he is enjoying himself. Have a great visit with your friends.

  5. Wow! What a beautiful park to be camped in. I could stay there for a while just sitting around and doing nuttin'.

  6. Gorgeous spot! Enjoy your visit with D&J!!

  7. What a beautiful place to camp at!

  8. We camped there many years ago in the primitive section when we were jungle hammock campers. I had forgotten how beautiful the RV area is! That's another place we'll add to our list!

    Thank you!

  9. Love your spot!! We haven't camped much in Georgia, though we have been there many times on our way to Florida..Georgia is a beautiful state!

  10. Just got back home and read your last two posts...WOW....What a terrific place to relax, reflect and take photo's...and as usual yours are awesome!!! hopefully mid-month I can start an adventure...glad you are getting out and enjoying life!!!...Horst sends

  11. I never stayed at that park or even visited it when I lived in Georgia.


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