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Our Friends

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Uniqueness of the RV Life

Several years ago Gerri and I had our first outing as full-timers, and we loved it.  The 2 years we were in our RV, we met some of the best folks ever and those special friendships continue even after 7 years.  When we began full-timing people would tell us that its not only the places you visit but its the friendships you make!!  Boy were they right!!
We got a call from Mike and Peggy Evringham a few days ago that they wanted to stop by for a visit on there way back to Maine and of course we said by all means.  We were excited because we had not seen them in about 4 years.  We told them where we were camped and fortunately there were several sights available for his motorhome. 

After they arrived and got settled, we visited for a while and took a tour of their new Winnebago Forza motorhome and we showed them our new Oliver Trailer.  Our conversation picked up as though we had just seen them yesterday.  It is incredible the friends you make on the road and how you can pick up even when you haven't seen each other for about 4 years. 

 Mike and Peggy brought some fresh gulf shrimp with them and grilled them for dinner and boy were they good.  We had some fresh fruit and a salad and some cheese biscuits to go with the shrimp, followed with dutch apple pie topped with ice cream.

We visited a good bit after supper until we decided to call it a night.  Mike  and Peggy were planning to make it out around 9 the next morning so we got up to say our “see you down the road” and wish them safe travels.  They invited us to come up to Maine sometime and they would give us the tour…think that will definitely be on our to do trips.

We enjoyed our visit and sharing the friendship…after all that is more important than the places you see!


  1. I think one of the biggest blessings of this lifestyle is meeting awesome people who cross our paths. How great is it to be able to meet up with friends you haven't seen for four years. I know exactly what you mean about feeling that you just saw them yesterday. We always feel that way when we meet up with friends even after a few years. Glad you had a great time. Better start planning your trip to

  2. Meeting up with friends is indeed one of the great things about RVing ... Or life in general for that matter! Our visit was too short but lots of fun. We'll have lots more time to tell stories when you visit Maine!

  3. Definitely one of the perks. We just came in from having a "drink" (for me hot tea) with our neighbors parked next to us in the rv park where we are for a couple of days. We will exchange email information in the morning. And this has happened numerous times already this winter. The blog is also a way to meet new you. ;)

  4. There is something special about making friends on the road. Since your time together will be short, I think you open up quicker and somehow just find those commonalities quicker than living in sticks and bricks lifestyle. At least that's been our experience! We're grateful for the special friends and now we have you to enjoy that forever friendship with! Hope we can pull up next to y'all soon!


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