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Sunday, April 2, 2017

It's Spring..........FINALLY!!!!!!!

Several weeks ago the weather suddenly went from cold (chilly to you up north) to beautiful and rather nice....70s.  Like most people that have endured a long, cold, drab winter we got excited.  So excited in fact that we took nearly all our winter clothes to our storage building bringing the spring/summer attire to Ollie.   You guessed right!!!  Too early!!!  It wasn't long after that the temperatures decided to get colder, wetter and uglier.  We endured....determined to use what we had and not give in.   It paid off......spring has arrived in the south!!!!

Now in the south we really don't have a very long spring.  In fact, it's almost over!!  Today it will be in the mid 80's BUT without the horrible humidity that we will experience later in the season.

We decided to take a walk around the park today and learn more about the settings on my new camera.  I experimented with the manual mode and I would say I'm in the learning mode!!  I found a few interesting sights along the way.

You can always tell how excited folks are when they can finally get outside and enjoy some wonderful sunshine!!  The kids are even swimming in the cool is that!!!!
Swimmers are right behind the middle branch on the left

Floaters in the background
Last week I got some great news from my latest CT scan.  I have to have those every so often.   The results showed NO nodules or masses.....all clean and clear!!!!  To God be the glory!!!  If it were not for His grace I believe I would not be doing what I'm doing today.   I have an appointment with my Oncologist Thursday and then Mike has two physical therapy sessions and then we are free to roam some.
We can't roam as far as some but a change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered.  Well, he didn't exactly order it but he would if only he understood the joy of RVing, full-timing or just exploring God's creation.

My journey is not over with this cancer....or I should say recovery from cancer.  I will be pulled back every 3 months for another year and then every 6 months for 3 more years.
It's ok because I'm ok!!!

We are planning a big trip this fall!!!! If all goes well we plan to travel to the Grand Canyon and see as many as possible of the national parks in that area of Arizona, Utah and Colorado.  I know many of you have seen these places but we never have!!!! How do you say....excited!!!!  So any pointers or tips are gladly welcomed.

So hopefully in a week we an do a post from a different view!!  Until then, safe travel nd happy journeys!!!


  1. To God be the glory indeed. Enjoy your change of scenery! We did the Grand Circle tour in April and May of 2010. It took us six weeks and we enjoyed every national park that we visited. Check my blog archives for details.

  2. Glad all is going well there and enjoy you trip out west this fall, some amazing adventures await you.

  3. So glad for Spring and new life. And for Gods grace and caring for you.

    If you ever travel I-65 halfway between Birmingham and Huntsville, AL we have two RV sites on our 4 acres out in the country. One FHU and one with water and 50 amp. We are less than 7 miles West of I-65. Keep that in mind when you head west and north.

  4. Perfect post for your good news! Excited for you two to hit the road again!
    Beautiful pictures! Looks like you and your new camera are hitting it off. Looking forward to your westward journey. We have yet to make the trip ourselves.

  5. You and your camera captured some gorgeous spring sights! Spring is a fabulous gift from our God.

    We are thrilled that you two will be able to travel again. Another gift! We will be riding along and enjoy seeing new places and revisiting some of our favorites "Through The Lens."

  6. Very nice pics! Thanks for sharing & have a wonderful time with your new camera :)

  7. It sure looks like spring has arrived:) Here we seem to be already in summer with highs regualrly near 80.

  8. some more very nice photos...You seem to be getting pretty knowledgeable of your new Nikon....Manual mode....I'm guess that qualifies you a "card carrying" professional. :))

    Can't wait until you Folks start your Southwest Journey...So much to see! Take care and Happy Trails...Horst sends

  9. Those flower photos are exquisite. All across the country flowers have been blooming. Someone said, God's gift to us. I agree.

  10. I'm glad you will be able to travel and see some of the areas you haven't been to yet. We are in the same boat and one day also hope to see the Grand Canyon.


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