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Sunday, April 16, 2017

An Easter Tradition

Last week we finally decided it was time to find our Casita a new home.  We listed the Casita on the Casita forum and the Casita Facebook.  Within one day we had a buyer and our sweet Casita had a new home.  It wasn't easy selling her but she needed a new home with someone who will take her on many camping adventures.  She got just that.  So Monday afternoon we said our good-byes and watched her pull away.

Today is Sunday......Easter Sunday!!  It has been a wonderful day.   We usually spend this day at Callaway Gardens.  It has become a family tradition to begin the day at Sunrise Service but there is an hour difference in time so we had to begin this Easter at the Callaway Lodge and Spa for a breakfast buffet at the Piedmont Restaurant.   It was delicious as usual.

We then visited the Discovery Center.  It is a beautiful area that just sits nestled among the trees and a lake.

Years ago Mike was the Recreational Food and Beverage Director.  He oversaw all things food and beverage in the recreational  arena at Callaway Gardens.  That included overseeing the building of this neat restaurant called The Discovery Cafe.  We even saw a young lady Mike hired when this cafe opened many years ago. She still works there and is now the Supervisor at the cafe.     

After strolling around the Discovery Center for awhile we drove to the Brothers Azalea Bowl.


Of course, we were a little late for the azalea blooms but we did see many beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs.
I really focused on the things of nature that were awakening after a long winters night!! Its so much fun to see the new birth at this time of year.
The Brothers Azalea Bowl has a walking trail that leads to my most favorite place......The Chapel.  I always refer to this area as my "happy place" but actually Callaway itself is my "happy place."

While sitting on "my" bench we noticed this guy taking a casual stroll.  This Great Blue Heron usually hangs around the lake by the chapel. I suppose it might just be his "happy place."  He is quite handsome and very laid back.  We snapped a few pictures of him because he posed so nicely.

We finished up by driving over to the beach area, another one of Mike's venues.  There is a nice pavilion overlooking a sanded beach. A very nice area especially in the summer.
It wasn't very busy today but when summer vacation comes and the temperatures are warmer it will be hopping.        


We had a wonderful Easter.  A blessed time of remembering the resurrection of our Lord.  Hope your day was blessed as well.


  1. What a wonderful Easter Tradition, Happy Easter.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. We've never quite made it to Calloway Gardens. Are you getting another camper?

  3. Happy Easter to you and Mike. Everyone should have a "happy Place". Yours looks wonderful. Saw your Casita for sale. Almost called you to purchase it, though we don't need another one. I knew it was in great shape, and a wonderful deal for someone. Hope the new owner(s) enjoy it as much as we do ours.

  4. Callaway Gardens would be my "happy" place also. What a lovely garden. Discovery Cafe is the perfect name for the cafe.

    Now...somewhere along the line I missed something. You sold the casita, now what are you living in? I don't know where I missed this info. By the way, that was a really, really fast sale! Congratulations.

  5. Great photos! Somebody will be really happy with that gorgeous Casita. Greetings!

  6. What a magnificent location....and Mike got to make a career out of being there everyday. Wow good for you Guys...and I am enjoying the photo's very much! Congratulations on selling the Casita...another person joins the "Egg" Family. :)) Keep enjoying, my Friends...Horst sends

  7. Callaway Gardens looks so beautiful and peaceful. Great photos.

  8. Oh my!!! Did I read this right? Your Oliver has a new home???
    We lived Callaway Gardens. We were there in October 2015. We said we'd have to return one spring. We were so close but yet so far when we were in Cotton Hill. And the Azaleas were in full bloom. We've got to try it next year.


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