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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Mike the Tiger

Every university has a mascot!!  Auburn has their tiger, Aubie!! LSU has their tiger, Mike!!   Aubie is not a real tiger but instead it's a "character" tiger usually dressed up as Aubie or perhaps a blown up version to show school spirit!!

At LSU the tiger is a real live Bengal tiger!!  There have been seven Mike the Tigers and we went to visit the current one...Mike  VII.                  

We found him living in his 15,000 square foot habitat right outside the LSU Tiger Stadium...Death Valley and across from Pete Maravich Assembly Center.                     

Basketball Stadium         

Mike's  habitat consist of lush plants and trees including a waterfall, stream and large swimming pool.  In 2005 $3.7 million dollars was funded to create this beautiful habitat.  

Mike VII began his reign at the beginning of fall semester of 2017.  He has both Siberian and Bengal characteristics and I might add he is quite handsome!!                 

On the day we visited he was enjoying the shade provided by a group of trees.  It was quite warm and he seemed happy lounging in the shade!  What a magnificent animal!!
We really enjoyed spending some time watching this gorgeous tiger!!  

Our son's apartment is in the downtown area of Baton Rouge and so he gets to experience lots of the downtown activities such as a Saturday Farmers Market.  Now I have been to various farmer's markets but this one was most unique!!              

The gentleman is walking to the side entrance of the market.  They closed a block of a one way street for the market

  First of all, it was quite large with an indoor area to purchase plates of different kinds of food to purchasing essential oils, bread, paintings etc.          
Stephen got a bacon egg biscuit and a fresh berry muffin inside

The outside area had more of the local farmers and their produce, meat, fish and shrimp, plants and for good measure a local band played for our entertainment.         

We purchased fresh tomatoes, squash and some homemade jellies.  
I can't begin to tell you how delicious those tomatoes were.  We had tomato sandwiches and steamed squash for several days!! 

It was a fun morning in downtown Baton Rouge!!   We have never been big city people and certainly not big city "downtown" people but this was nice and I am sure Stephen will enjoy the young vibes in this area.                     

With Stephen moved in his apartment and our dog sitting services  no longer being needed we will be getting ready to move on very soon.  We have enjoyed exploring a little in this capitol city of Louisiana and meeting some very nice folks as well.  Thank you Stephen and Baton Rouge for a great visit!!!   I am sure we will be back to catch some of those beautiful plantations in the area!!  I can't wait!!


  1. Mike is treated very well, for sure. I think we would give fifty dollars for five pounds of "fresh home grown" tomatoes right now. None in Alaska, that we've found. A loaf of fresh bread, fresh tomatoes, salt, pepper,and mayo is hard to beat.

  2. What a beautiful Tiger.
    Love that area of Louisianna, especially Abita Springs, nice small town friendly.

  3. I have never been a big-city person or a downtown-person either --but my step daughter loves it. She is in Nashville --and loves wandering downtown to the flea markets, the concerts, farmer's markets, etc....

    In Baton Rouge --I think one would get a little taste of Nawlins and all of its wonderful customs.... I did love living there for about 4 years in the '80's --and although we seldom went down to the French Quarter, we still had so much to do in the outlying areas. We loved Mardi Gras and also the World's Fair when we lived there in the '80's.

    Have fun on your next adventure. Did I dream it --or you headed west to Texas????


  4. Mike,the tiger is very handsome and regal.Looks like he is well taken care of as well.

  5. What a great job LSU did in providing such a terrific environment for Mike...Ahh, Saturday morning Farmers Market...nothing like them..Glad you're enjoying the summer...Safe travels West...Horst sends

  6. The tiger is magnificent, and you got some good shots of him. The farmer's market would be a fun stop in the big city. Looking forward to more traveling adventures with you and your Oliver.

  7. I wonder if Mike cares about his special status:) I am sure he has a niece life.

  8. Can't beat a good farmers market.


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