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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

An Old Capital Tour


Thursday we decided to take a drive downtown and visit the Old  State Capitol Building.  We had heard there is a lot of history in this old gothic style building.           

     Louisiana's Old State Capitol, a Gothic architectural treasure, stands high on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River.  The 165 year old statehouse has withstood war, fire, scandal, bitter debate, abandonment and an occasional fistfight.  Today, the building stands as a testament to bold, inspired leadership and active citizenship.

The state capitol saw its first Legislature in 1852 and remained the seat of government until January 1861.  This is when the legislature voted to secede from the Union in the House Chamber.  During this time a fire broke out while occupied by Union forces.  This fire destroyed the interior of the building but the brick walls remained intact as did the wrought iron fencing around the grand building.               
This is a side view showing the fencing around the capital
In 1880 a fourth floor was added and the beautiful stained glass dome for which the building is known.             

It was built to look like a castle and many locals refer to it as "Louisiana Castle or Castle of Baton Rouge and Castle on the River."              
View looking out from the House Chamber                                   
We spent most of the afternoon just rambling around the many rooms in this building.   
Side entrance to the Old State Capital 
Second floor atop the stairs 


Looking up to the second floor and above 
House Chamber Room 
On the second floor of the Old Capital
View from the Senate Chamber into the rest of the building               

Well, we not only mad it up the stairs, but...          

also down the stairs...


The Louisiana State Capital building is the tallest capital in the United States. It stands 450 feet tall with 34 floors.  This capital will forever be entwined with the political career of Huey Long as it was his idea to construct a new capital building in 1928 when he was running for governor.

We finished off our Thursday with a light dinner and nice evening sitting outside our Oliver enjoying the night sounds....not to mention the humidity!!  


  1. HA HA ---we have the heat and humidity up here.. It is supposed to be 90 here on the Cumberland Plateau (2000 feet up)tomorrow.. Of course, I have family coming for the day. Not sure they will want to sit on the deck at all....

    I know about Huey Long --and the corruption and illegal politics in LA (I lived in New Orleans in the 'mid 80's)---but that building (especially the stained glass dome) is GORGEOUS...

    If you have time when you are down there visiting your son, be sure and find out about several awesome plantations along the river between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. There are some really neat plantations to see...


  2. Great tour! Did did that a few years ago. Liked the panels in the govenors office of the past polititcal corruption:) I would still like to tour the new building.

  3. Really got to love touring those old buildings, thanks for taking us along with you and enjoy the humidity just like we are.

  4. That old Capitol building is a treasure! You did a very good job photographing the inside. It's absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Great post, magnificent photo's of the Capital many times as I have driven past Baton Rouge, I never have thought about stopping there...It is now on my list of places to visit! Thanks for sharing...Horst sends

  6. I love the detail that has been put into these older buildings.They have a special charm about them.

  7. I love visiting state capitol buildings—that old Louisiana capitol is spectacular! I've never seen such an intricate stained glass ceiling. Your photos really showcase the interior beauty (not an easy thing to photograph!).

  8. That is quite a place. Great pictures. I hope the air conditioning was on.

  9. I simply love the architecture! I wouldn't miss visiting the Old State Capitol Building when in Louisiana. Thanks for whetting me appetite!


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