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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hot & Steamy


It’s been the kind of heat and humidity you have when you walk out of an air conditioned room or car that your glasses steam up and you can’t see. We’ve been having that combination of weather most of the week. With that said, Gerri and I have been staying inside a lot of the time. I’m not sure Al could doctor the pics of us in our recliner with Picasa enough to make them look exciting, so we didn’t take any.



Today we decided to go to Callaway Gardens Sibley Center and stroll through the seasonal display of flowers and plants. The Gardens do an incredible job with the landscaping and their displays throughout the property. They change up the foliage during each season so there is always something different to see and experience. It was quite warm to say the least, but it was a pleasant visit. We didn’t even see many bikers on the 10 mile paved bike trail through the gardens and woods; I guess it’s just too hot and muggy for the bicyclists.

DSC_3779            DSC_3788



Update on my grand nephew Hunter. They hope he will be able to go home from the hospital by the end of next week after being there for a month. He is still taking chemo and will return to the hospital several times over the next few weeks. His 4 year old sister is a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant, and that will take place sometime in November. At that time, he will return to the hospital for 4-6 weeks.



We hope you have had a great weekend, and I know we all hope that fall weather is not too far away from being here.


Take care and thanks for joining along with us.


  1. nice steamy post!!..glad to hear that Hunter is getting his treatment!..try and stay cool.. nothing wrong with sitting idle for a bit!!

  2. Thank you for the update on Hunter. That is good news about his sister being a good match for the transplant.

    Those cool water pics of yours today were lovely. Bet you wished you could have jumped right into that water. :)

  3. I'm with you. I am really ready for fall weather. Today wasn't too hot - mid 80's but still so humid you can hardly breath when you walk outside.

    Hope all goes well with Hunter.

  4. It's funny to read about hot, steamy weather when we were freezing waiting for the Long Beach fireworks last night. Somewhere in between hot and steaming and freezing would be nice.

    Thanks for the update on Hunter. Glad to hear that his sister is a match for him.

  5. Thanks for keeping us all posted on how Hunter is doing. It's great to see his sister is a match.

    Great pictures today!

  6. God is SO GOOD!!! Awesome gift that Hunter's sister is a match. We will continue to keep him as well as his family in our prayers.

    Gorgeous picture of the butterfly.

    Love In Christ,
    Gina & Rollie

  7. I think we are all ready for cool weather, we had 96 degrees here today,

    Glad to hear that Hunter has a good match, his sister will be so proud to have been able to help. We will pray for a successful outcome.

  8. That Callaway Gardens is a nice looking place & I especially liked the butterfly photo. Good news on the little fellow.

  9. Great Pics - again! And great news on Hunter.

  10. I'm glad Hunter will soon be home with his family, this is tough on little ones. Its fantastic that his little sister is a match.

    We will keep Hunter in our prayers.

  11. Loved that butterfly photo. Great news about Hunter.

  12. We are having pleasant weather in upstate NY! :) It is starting to feel like fall up here.

    I am so glad to hear that there is a treatment plan in place for Hunter. I will pray that all goes well and the treatment is successful.

  13. I am glad to hear that Hunter has found a good bone marrow donor.

    Your pictures today were exceptionally beautiful. I wondered if the waterfall shot would have been a good candidate for Rick's autostitch program.

    We're with you on the heat. I keep hearing about cold fronts but they aren't getting anywhere close to us, unfortunately. At least we haven't been in the 100's.

  14. What a blessing that his sister is a match. He will certainly be in our prayers. Stay safe and thanks for all your comments.

  15. Sure hope the transplant goes well for both kids. I loved the pics of the Gardens, especially the waterfall. Water makes it seem a little bit cooler. Fall is just around the corner!


  16. Nice pic of the swallowtail, and I really like the moon shot. Best wishes for your nephew and niece. :)

  17. COME ON FALL!!! Thanks for the update on Hunter...Good thoughts and karma sent his way...and how wonderful his sister is a match..

  18. What a bond this will create between Hunter and his sister. I suspect there's going to be a beautiful story that will come from all this. Certainly this whole family will be lifted in prayer during this healing time.
    Beautiful pics as usual...Love the butterfly :) K

  19. My favorite pic on your blog today? The first one of the half moon.

    My favorite news on your bloy today? Hunter is doing well and his sister is a match.

  20. HOT weather is predicted all of next week. I guess I'll be hiding out in the studio. No humidity though. Doesn't rain here from May till October.

    We do have to beware of forest fires! No place is perfect.

  21. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with your family. We miss you guys and wish you could have joined with us this summer but, the good news is that we'll have many more opportunities to get together. Take care.

  22. What beautiful gardens! Isn't it a treat to be able to enjoy such places? I love the pictures.

  23. It's starting to cool down here (90's). Glad to hear Hunter will be able to go home soon. We are going out for trip # 2 this weekend. Not too far from home but just to get out there again before we forget what to do. Take Care.

  24. Thank you for the update on Hunter. You asked about our committment here at the Hagerstown KOA. We started April 1st. November 1st most of the "workampers" will go.

  25. I've been catching up with your blog after not reading it for at least a week. We all hope that Hunter comes through all of this as a healthy guy.

    I also was impressed at what you and Mike have endured over the past few years. Those long days at work combined with Mike's pain would have done in a lot of people. You both have the will to succeed and to create a good lifestyle for each other. My hat is off to you both.

    Your blogs are easy to read, beautiful to look at and inspiring.

  26. Hunter is in our prayers, we wish him the best. The pictures are lovely, the butterfly is incredible! Stay strong, much love!

  27. Forgot how pretty it is at Callaway Gardens. We liked to ride our bikes on the trail and stop in to look at the butterflies.
    Glad things are going well for Hunter so far.

  28. Glad Hunter has a good match for the bone marrow. Our prayers will continue to be with him and the family. Thanks for the update.

  29. I'm so glad that Hunter has a perfect match. He will be in my prayers as well.
    Love the butterflies, I hope that you don't mind if I use them for my paintings.

  30. Forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday Mike, I hope that your's was as wonderful as mine.


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