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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Whistle Stop Cafe

Ok, enough of this sitting around watching the mercury rise. Yes it’s hot and common sense would say it is not ideal weather for hiking or biking or most anything done outdoors. So what’s a couple to do???


This morning we decided to take a little road trip in the Jeep and visit the town of Juliette, Georgia. It was in Juliette, Georgia that the 1991 movie, Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed. It appears Hollywood decided to make this the setting of the Whistle Stop Café that was a major part of that movie.


The movie was directed by John Avnet and starred Kathy Bates, Jessica Tandy, Mary Stuart Masterson, Mary Louise- Parker, Chris O’Donnell and a few other well known actors/actresses.


We had a nice drive through much of middle Georgia admiring the beautiful farmland and quaint little towns. We arrived in Juliette just about lunch time so we figured it would be only fitting to have lunch at the Whistle Stop Café. Today it was pretty busy so we had to wait for a table. While we waited we walked around the little main street of the town which was mainly made up of several “touristy” gift shops housed in really neat old buildings. We didn’t find anything we couldn’t live without so we left each shop empty handed.



When we finally were seated for lunch we decided to order things that might be typical of the café as well as the movie. I ordered the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich with chips and Mike ordered the Barbecue Sandwich with chips. If you are familiar with the movie then you understand the humor in what the waitress said when Mike asked if the barbecue was good? “Sure it‘s good, the secret is in the sauce.” I’ll say no more!!





We had a fun time visiting this neat café that remains known as the Whistle Stop Café. It was interesting to see the place where much of this movie was filmed. It was good to get out and enjoy the day even if the temps reached 100 degrees.


We have had a few new “friends” join our blog and want to extend our “welcome” to you. We appreciate all of you that take time to drop by and read about our full-time journey. We love your comments and it is through those comments we feel like we get to know you better.


  1. congrats on getting out and about!!!..I have missed your posts!!

  2. I've never watched that movie even though we have it on DVD. Paulette and the girls have watched it a lot though. I can't get over how they can watch the same movie over and over again. Thanks for the tour and pics - it's always interesting to see places that have a bit of history to them.


  4. It's always interesting to read your blog. I like to read about places that are new to me. Yes, I have seen that movie. Not being from the south, I'm not sure I got the full benefit of all the dialogue. Fried green tomates are something I've never eaten!

  5. We have plans in the Spring to hang out at the Georgia Renaissance Festival in Fairburn.

    Any ideas where to stay near the festival and any other ideas about the area would be deeply appreciated.

  6. Tee hee..I got the bbq statement from the waitress..that's cute that they do that. Although..I'm not sure I could eat bbq there..just in know what I

    I always wondered if there was a real place.Thanks for sharing this.

    Cindy and Walker

  7. What a cute town. When you are too hot or too bored it's always a good idea to get in the car and go see something to take your mind off the weather. Sounds like you guys did just that! Nice pics of the town.

  8. I've seen the movie, but it was a long time ago! The place in the pictures did look a little familiar though. :) Glad you guys were able to get out and about.

  9. Thanks for posting about such a lovely area of Georgia. Not sure I would want to tour around there at 100+ degrees though. Whew!

  10. What a great day trip, I think I would be like Mike and get the BBQ sandwich,but Donna would get the Fried Green Tomatoes for sure, great shots of the town, be safe out there.. Sam & Donna.

  11. Well I didn't get the comment about the sauce. I guess I need to watch the movie again.

    We've been getting cabin fever as well. We like to just get into the car and go somewhere, but the temperature is holding us back. Maybe we should brave the heat and just go!

    I'm not sure how far you are from Andersonville military cemetery, and Plains, but we had an enjoyable day there. It was surprisingly interesting, if you haven't been you might like it. The day we went to the cemetary, Abe Lincoln was there giving a speech and he was wonderful.

  12. Oh, forgot to mention...I like your new blog design.

  13. We are scheduled for a NOMADS project late October into mid November in Vienna, GA. I'll have to look it up to see how far we will be from this cute little town. As we only work Mon-Thurs, we have lots of time to explore.

    WHEW - 100! I can so relate. It is 97 outside right now.

  14. When we get to some of the places ya'll have been, we are going to use your blog as a tour guide so keep going to those "hot" places!
    wayne and maureen

  15. I can not tell you how many times Sandy and I have watched this movie. We really enjoy it and just love the story.Thanks for sharing.

  16. Nice way to beat the heat....ok, well sort of.

  17. I love fried green tomatoes, but have never seen the movie. Guess I'll have to put that on my "Q" at Netflix. :)

  18. Ok for everyone who hasn't seen the movie...Watch it!!!

    Thanks for taking me there again! These are some of the posts I love to read about.



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