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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ducks in a Row

We have spent the last few days getting our “ducks in a row.” On Monday we went to town and worked on getting our personal business changed so we can work on line. We are trying to get as much of the things we still pay out each month fixed so we can have them automatically deducted or paid on line. It is so nice to be out of debt except for the necessary things such as insurance, satellite, cell phone etc. I am working on changing my prescriptions to Wal-Mart so that they are more accessible when traveling. I take but two prescriptions, Synthroid and Vytorin and I am hoping that when we really get into this lifestyle the Vytorin will not be needed any longer. We’ll see on that. The Synthroid is with me for life.

On Tuesday we took the Jeep back to the dealer to make sure the front end was in alignment. Mike has noticed that it pulls to the right a bit when we are coming to a stop and that can cause wear on the tires. They discovered that it was in line but the tires needed to be rotated in order to help the “pull” to the right situation. It was so funny, the young guys rotating the tires were so intrigued by the tire pressure pro stem caps. They just couldn’t believe that it would let us know if there was a blow out or low pressure. They certainly learned something new yesterday. Anyway, they got the job done and the Jeep now drives and stops so much better.

Today is Mike’s birthday and we plan to take him out for dinner to celebrate. We will have a little cake and ice cream when we get back to the rig. We are both trying to loose a few pounds and it is sooooo hard. Stephen is going to bring his little dog, Josh and spend the night with us. We have started walking the campground each evening and that is helping but we probably need to up the number of miles to get really good results.We’ll work on that. You gotta start somewhere!
That about does it for now. We are just tying up loose ends and getting things in travel order. We are ready to roll.


  1. Oh I know you guys must be getting excited... It is just around the corner and you'll be off on great adventures.... Have fun!

    ♪♫♪ Happy Birthday Mike ♪♫♪

    Travel Safe

  2. Congratulations to you both! This would be my husband's dream!...I'd have to think about it :) Have a wonderful long fun retirement and keep us I can decide:)Happy bday and congrats to Mike!

  3. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

    Susan, I have only done this retirement thing for a week but I just love it. Thanks for the good wishes!



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