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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Finally!! Yes, finally…. we are going to get to move from this campground. Now don’t misunderstand there is nothing wrong with Pine Mountain RV Resort, but we have been here waaaay to long. This is not the campgrounds fault… it is ours. Being new to full-timing and planning we didn’t schedule things very well. We knew we needed to complete some doctor’s appointments but after years and years of being on a rigid schedule we forgot we were retired and could change appointments to fit our needs. Besides, whenever someone at Rainbow Plantation would ask us what we were going to do this summer we really didn’t have a clue. The concept of having a whole summer to do whatever we wanted just hadn’t sunk in yet. They must have thought we were seasoned beyond our years because many seasoned full-timers will tell you they go to the stop sign and then decide which way to turn. We know we want to return to wherever Stephen is for the spring (April and May give or take a few weeks) each year as well as November and December. Family first!

So we will begin getting things ready to finally LEAVE. We did manage to spice things up a bit by moving to different sites each month we were here. Now we know what we like and don’t like as far as sites at this campground goes. We aren’t traveling far but at least we are moving and there will be new scenery, people and things to do. What a beautiful place to camp host for a few months.

Yesterday my computer decided it had enough and completely shut itself down. We bundled it up and went back to Staples to see what might be wrong. By the way, we purchased the warranty when we purchased the laptop. We are not big on extended warranties but this time we just had that feeling and boy are we glad. I highly recommend the warranty on electronics. The folks at Staples have been very nice and helpful but this time decided it was beyond the store fix so they are sending it back to HP for the big guys to take a look. It seems we have an overheating problem with possibly a faulty fan as well as the power plug is loose and pulled away from the motherboard. We also found out this particular HP model has had these same problems from the get go. They will fix it or write it off and give us a refund to purchase a new computer. I suspect they will fix it. If it happens again then they will probably replace it. So now we are a one computer family and I don’t share well.

We plan to head over to Callaway Gardens for the Master’s Water Ski Tournament held there each year during the Memorial Day weekend. Mike will be working a few hours here and there and he is excited about that. We hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend and you enjoy it in whatever way that makes you happy. DSC_2844 DSC_2846 DSC_2854 I have included some pics of the countryside around the Pine Mountain RV Resort. It is very peaceful and beautiful here.DSC_2856

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your time with us.


  1. Enjoy your "moving day". Your current park looks great, but I know that you just want to be out there seeing new places, too. We are the same way. Too many things to see to stay put for 6 months in one spot. Have fun

  2. have a memorable memorial day weekend!! nice in the sand box and share the one and only computer.!!

  3. I'm so happy for you both that you have been able to live your dream during these past months. And now, a change of scenery--that's great! I want to hear all about your camp host experience.

  4. Ah....what a great problem. Too long in one place so you have to figure out where to go to next. Retirement is way off for us...but we might have to go this route!

  5. Not sure where you are headed to next, but if it is to Michigan or Ontario for the summer, let us know, we'd love to have another crack at Mexican Train.

    We anticipate being in Progresso, TX the first part of October, also.

    Keep in touch!


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